Spa Etiquette

Chez NVE Institute, our Consumer Code of Conduct or "Spa Etiquette" dictates your rights and responsibilities as a guest so that you can enjoy a truly satisfying experience.




● arrive a minimum 15 minutes before your treatment time: This allows you to change, fill in any required forms, enjoy a refreshing beverage and wind down with a little "ME-Time" in our luxurious and intimate relaxation area.
● communicate your preferences, expectations, and concerns.
● communicate complete and accurate health information and reasons for your visit.
● treat staff and other guests with courtesy and respect.
● use products, equipment, and therapies as directed.
● engage in efforts to preserve the tranquility of the institute's environment.
● adhere to the institute’s published policies and procedures.


a clean, safe and comfortable environment.
stop a treatment at any time, for any reason.
be treated with consideration, dignity, and respect.
confidential treatment of your disclosed health information.
trained staff who respectfully conduct treatments according to treatment protocols and the institute’s policies and procedures.
ask questions about your experience.
information regarding staff training, licensing and certifications.
access information about our "green" ethics and policies.


By Telephone: Please call 780-628-2056 to reserve your appointment. A valid major credit card number or NVEI Gift Card may be required at the time of booking to hold your reservation. Walk-ins are always welcome, as we sometimes do have last minute openings. If the day and time you requested are not available, we will be happy to add you to our cancellation waitlist and contact you with any openings should they become available.

  • ● A valid credit card or gift card may be required to schedule all services.
  • ● A 50% deposit is required for all group bookings.
  • ● Booking two to three weeks in advance is recommended to secure your best choice of appointment dates and times.
  • ● Please inform us at the time of booking if you are planning to share time at the spa with a companion so we can endeavor to match your schedules accordingly.
  • ● Every effort will be made to accommodate your request.
  • ● Please advise management of relevant health conditions at the time of booking and when filling out your medical release form so that our iCare Wellness Experts™ can offer an experience tailored to your specific needs.
  • ● Our medical release forms are mandatory and must be thoroughly completed before any service is performed.
  • ● We accept all major credit cards, debit, cash, and checks. Personal checks are accepted only upon management approval. There is a $30.00 processing fee for all bank returned checks.


Please let us know when you schedule your appointment if you are pregnant, have allergies, have recently been injured or have health concerns so we can advise you on the best choice of treatments. When you arrive at the Institute, you will be asked to fill out a health form if you have not done so already. This will allow us to customize your treatment and make sure all methods used to support your health and never cause harm. Treatments with heat are not advisable for pregnant women or guests with heart conditions or high blood pressure. Body treatments are not advisable for pregnant women or guests who have difficulty lying flat or turning over on the treatment table. If you have a cold or flu, we recommend you reschedule your spa treatments since massage of any kind, including massage in our body treatments and facials, increases circulation and the release of toxins. This combined with an immune system that is already overtaxed could make you feel MUCH worse.


Our  Happy Room is a place to relax and unwind while having wellness pedicures, manicures and at times, Universal Contour Wrap. We encourage you to take this time and relax from the outside world while letting your iCare Wellness Host(s) attend to your needs while pampering your hands and/or feet. To preserve this peaceful atmosphere for all of our guests, we ask that you speak softly and refrain from using cell phones or engaging in loud conversations.


To preserve this peaceful atmosphere for all of our guests, all cell phones, electronic devices, and pagers must be turned off or placed in airplane mode during your visit. Cell phone use is not permitted in the spa service areas, during servicing or that of the lounge areas.


To receive the full benefit from your visit, allow yourself 15 to 30 minutes after your spa treatment to relax and gently awaken. Feel free to enjoy some refreshments in our tranquility lounge or a leisurely walk around the Institute (weather permitting). Our everyday lives are so hectic and busy that you may be surprised how relaxed you are after your treatment. Certain services, in particular, REQUIRE some quiet time afterward to “come back to reality” such as with Massage Therapy, Nefertiti Body Glow, and certain Relaxation facials/services. Your iCare™ host will advise you of this when necessary.


  • ● are under the influence of mind-altering substances (recreational drugs/alcohol). Massage of any kind increases circulation and speeds the delivery of these substances throughout your system. The effects of alcohol or drugs are greatly intensified by massage and many body therapies, not only making you feel more intoxicated but also can often make you feel nausea and dehydrated, and can cause severe vomiting and severe headaches. Please be aware that consuming any of these substances within 24 hours after a massage/body therapy can also have these effects
  • ● are rude, obnoxious or disrespectful towards staff or clients.
  • ● resorts to discriminatory context or racial slurs.
  • ● incites sexual advancements (verbal or non-verbal). This offense will result in immediate removal from our institute premises. This act will also result in being barred from accessing our institute indefinitely with possible legal altercations.
  • ● is with an "ACTIVE" contagious viral infections or ailments.
  • ● that is under the age of parental consent.
  • ● fails to abide by the policies of NVEI.


NVEI welcomes those 17 years of age and over, and teens 13 to 16 years of age when accompanied by a parent or guardian. Our spa environment is unsuitable for children ages 12 and under, including infants. Health information(medical release form) is required by law from all guests regardless of age. A parent must provide written permission for massage therapy for teens 13 to16 years of age and the parent must remain in the room during the massage service.


We require 72 hours notice for any changes or re-booking(s). Groups are requested to notify us of any changes or re-bookings a minimum of 5 working days before their scheduled date. Failure to abide by minimal time notices as noted above will result in a full payment of service charged, forfeit of coupons and/or gift certificates
Refund policies do not apply to missed (no-show) bookings. If less notice than this is given, 50% of the service price will be charged to your credit card, or deducted from your gift card. If you do not show up for your appointment without advising us 100% of the service price will be charged to your credit card or deducted from your gift card.


We issue automatic confirmation notices directly via email and/or SMS 4 days prior to your appointment(s). In order for us to send you confirmations, we require a valid email address and/or mobile number and provider for SMS access. Some email hosts accounts such as Microsoft (Hotmail, Outlook), Yahoo and Corporate accounts can be problematic with email reception due to securities or junk filters.  Your email is not stored within the confines of this website.  Your provider may charge for SMS text messages and you may opt-out for SMS contact. NVEI does not sell or share access to your email or SMS and is only used via NVEI management to contact guests and clients for appointment management or in-house promos. You can opt-out of promotional/newsletter communicates should you desire to not receive promotional material from NVEI. Should you not have a valid email address then we require accessible contact number(s).


To avoid disappointment, please be on time. If you arrive late for your service, we will make every effort to accommodate your full service. If other appointments are scheduled immediately after yours, your service will be shortened and remain responsible for the full-service price.


● Please check in at least 15 minutes prior to your first service to give yourself the necessary time to complete a universal health form. This information is accessed only by your iCare Expert™ or management during your appointment and is stored on a secure system, which is completely separate from our reservations information.
● It is important that the health information you provide is complete and accurate. Refusal to complete our medical release forms will result in refusal of service. This information is confidential and is required by law for Registered Massage Therapists and insurance purposes. This information is also required for any aesthetics services.


We take what we do very seriously and so should you. Health history is collected in order to promote a safe and healthy environment for our guests, to ensure continuity of information from one visit to the next, and to assist in customizing treatments to individual needs, particularly if there are medical issues or allergies which could have contraindications for certain products or services. Your health information should be updated annually or at your convenience when things change. We appreciate your cooperation and confidentiality towards helping us give you the finest and safest of services humanly possible.
IMPORTANT: Refusal or misleading form(s) information(s) can result in refusal of service(s) and/or banned from institute access for life. Your information provided in part is your guarantee towards your personal comfort and to help us provide you the best spa experience you can possibly have here at NVEI.


● Please help us preserve a tranquil environment by lowering your voice and turning off your cell phone. For the privacy of our guests; cell phones and cameras are not permitted in the service or lounging areas.
● Should you require messaging access, please speak with the front desk where they will be happy to help.
● NVEI is a certified "Green" office facility where we strive to ensure that our products and our environment meet the highest of "Green" ecological standards where ever possible.
● NVEI is situated in a heritage protected English-style revitalized cottage and is a smoke-free facility. According to bylaws, smoking is not permitted in the building, in front of the main building entrance or within 9 meters of the main entrance.
● For smokers who have to smoke, there is a designated area where you will find ashtrays for your waste. PLEASE USE THEM. Ask management where this area is located.


● NVEI Gift Cards/Virtual Certificates are available for purchase in the form of à la carte services, as Spa Packages, or as Dollar-Value Gifts in $25 increments. An excellent way to reward and recognize someone special. NVEI Gift Cards/Certificates can be purchased at the institute, by telephone or online.
● If you receive an NVEI Gift Card for a package or service that you don’t want, you may use the dollar value of the NVEI Gift Card towards any service you prefer.
● NVEI Gift Cards/Virtual Certificates purchased for services cannot be redeemed for cash and are non-refundable.
● NVEI Gift Cards can be transferred to friends and family.
● Balances on NVEI Gift Cards/Virtual Gift Certificates not used can be applied to future visits
● NVEI Gift Cards can be recharged for future use.
● NVEI Virtual Gift Certificates cannot be recharged for future use.
● NVEI Gift Cards/Virtual Gift Certificates do not include gratuities and cannot be used for this purpose.
● NVEI Gift Cards/Virtual Gift Certificates cannot be used with any other promotions or towards specials.
Refunds - Gift Card/Certificate Refunds for services will only be issued should we fail to perform the service in its entirety or, in the case of unforeseen circumstances we have failed to deliver full service. All Refunds may be subject to be an administration charge(fees charged to our business based such as credit card & debit fees). Dollar value GC's are refundable within 30 days only minus any administration charges.


A robe and footwear are provided depending on the selected service. Almost everything else you need is here: shampoo, conditioner, body lotions, hair dryers, and curling irons for women when required. Please remember to bring your hairbrush, cosmetics and any other toiletries you may need. We offer make-up services using Jane Iredale skin care makeup and must be specified at the time of booking should you be in need of this service or wish to upgrade your reservation.

● If you are scheduled for a massage, please bring comfortable, loose clothing for freedom of movement. Swimsuits and/or robes are worn in common areas outside of change/treatment rooms.
● During your treatment, your body will be professionally draped at all times so it’s up to you whether you disrobe completely or leave your undergarments on for massage and body treatments.
● Disposable underwear is provided for some body treatments.
● If you are having a pedicure, we suggest that you bring open-toed shoes so your polish doesn’t smudge before it has an opportunity to harden. Polish can be dry but can take up to 24 hours to fully cure.
● NVEI is not responsible for lost or misplaced items. Valuables are best left at home or you may ask management to store your valuables in our security safe.


  • ● Men receiving a facial should shave at least two hours before their appointment.
  • ● For body treatments; we recommend that any shaving is done 2 days before because it is best not to shave on the day of an exfoliation so as to avoid irritations.


All of our staff are highly trained in many disciplines. Our iCare Experts can perform many variants of massage therapy but only that of certified RMT's are able to issue receipts for insurance claims. Healthcare insurance coverage covers Therapeutic Massages performed by Registered Massage Therapists only whereas WE DO NOT OFFER RMT MASSAGES at this time but would be happy to recommend you to a quality trained RMT.


Gratuities are appreciated. Envelopes for gratuities are provided at check-out. Tipping is of course at the discretion of each guest. Please note that with group bookings of 4 persons or more an automatic 20% will be added to your bill at the time of purchase. A deposit may be required when booking out the full spa or group bookings. Please discuss with our concierge at the time of booking and do let us know if there is anything we can do more to enhance your experience with us.


We want every guest’s experience with us to be positively wonderful. If for any reason you are not pleased with your service or experience, please let us know. We will be happy to redo the service to your satisfaction within 7 days of the original service. Please be aware that some spa services can be damaged or the effects negated without the proper home care. Your iCare Experts™ will explain any specific instructions and recommend professional products to support and enhance the treatment you received. If you have not followed these recommendations, we will not be responsible for the maintenance of your service. Products may be exchanged for other merchandise within 7 days of the original purchase with a valid receipt. No refunds will be given on services, products or gift cards without a valid reason. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal property or clothing.