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Most Popular Products Of The Week

NVE Institute Apothecary Skincare Boutique Organic Natural

Developed by Passionate Nature-Loving Skincare Professionals Just For You

100% Active Naturals

NVEI Apothecary Skincare™ products are meticulously handcrafted in small batches to ensure freshness of active concentrations and Phyto-aroma synergies.

NVEI Apothecary Skincare products are formulated with premium-select therapeutic grade essential oils, absolutes, attars, land and marine mineral extracts, vegan oils, plant waxes, and leading-edge scientifically-proven plant-sourced cosmeceutical/nutraceutical bio-actives to meet the ever-changing needs of skin health and overall well-being.

Isn't it time you started welcoming yourself with true skin-loving goodness?

look here NVEI Apothecary Skincare™ products are created to be;

Skin-Loving, Earth-Friendly Comfort Food for the Largest Organ You Own!

NVEI Apothecary Skincare Products Are;

100% Active Natural Derma-corrective Skincare derived from Mother Nature's Pantry
Made with Certified Organic, Fair-trade, Wild-crafted and Therapeutic Grade Vegan Ingredients
Non-toxic, Safe, Environmentally Friendly Ingredients and Packaging
IPQ Certified Premium Quality Ingredients
Human-Tested, NOT Animal Tested
Proudly 100% Canadian Handcrafted Goodness

We 'Mix-it Up Fresh' everyday providing Day SPA clients with unique, sensorial skincare wellness experiences unlike no other and have done so for over 30 years. By providing you with toxin-free skincare products of the same SPA quality used professionally, we believe this brings you a spa wellness experience home where you can relive your experience long after your visit.
Even if you've never been to our Eco-wellness Day Spa Institute here in Edmonton, Alberta, our products will surely impregnate you with a longing desire to do so.

NVEI Apothecary Skincare™ products are based on professional, natural ingredient rich skincare formulations that have been dermatologically 'Human' tested for effectiveness and efficiency in actual Spa, Medi-spa, and Wellness environments. Our unique products contain a plethora of bio-active ingredients across the entire product range which work together to maintain and restore skin with a youthful looking radiance. Bursting with omega rich oils, antioxidants, phytosterols, linoleic and alpha-linolenic acids, fruit and plant stem cells, carotenoids, flavonoids, peptides, and a plethora of natural vitamins and minerals to offer you unparalleled quality and product functionality that is result-driven safely and toxic free.

The NVEI Apothecary Skincare™ product line is based on historically documented herbal based formulations of noblesse, the pureness of today's Phyto-aroma science and years of experience as skincare professionals. Formulated with the finest, certified organic, non-invasive conventionals and/or wild-crafted botanical extracts available. Ingredients that are 100% active and safe to use. These unique, multi-dimensional products are completely free of toxic impurities, harmful chemicals, and questionable synthetics. Products that support and encourage healthy, balanced skin with radiant, youthful-looking vitality.

We do more than just create luscious result-driven skincare products and luxurious wellness services - we create experiences!

Our goal is to help you feel pampered, relaxed, energized and refreshed anytime, anywhere with peace of mind.

look here NVEI Apothecary Skincare™ - 3 sound principles that we know you will appreciate



  • Integrity

  • Products are formulated using ingredients evaluated as being safe for use. We investigate ingredients extensively, evaluate research findings and test on willing people, including ourselves. Rest assured, we would not offer or use anything that is even remotely harmful. Safety for You and Safety for Us is Always a Must!
  • Purity

  • Create no Harm! We never test on animals, nor accept the usage of ingredients used harmfully on animals or create products harmful to animals, mammals or invertebrate. We search for the finest skin-safe elements and believe that nature is key to retaining our youthful healthy looking appearances by feeding our skin with noninvasive non-toxic wellness.


  • Meticulously Handcrafted with Premium Quality Active Botanic ingredients. Innovative formulations that are created to be respectful of you and our environment, not contaminate it or you. All products are packaged with minimalist Eco-friendly containers that are Recyclable, Reusable and/or Renewable.

look here Ingredients NEVER found In NVEI Apothecary Skincare™ Products

• Parabens • Ethanols • Synthetic Color • Propylene Glycols • Pegs • Phthalates • Benzoyl Peroxide • DEA • Sulfates • Nano Sunscreens • Mineral Oil • Petrolatum • Sodium Hydroxide • Synthetic Fragrance • Chemical Paraffins • Diethanolamines • Animal-Tested Ingredients.

NVEI Apothecary Skincare™ products will gently and effectively enliven and awaken you. Like the age-old art of blending natural perfumes, the synergistic harmony of ingredients used to create our multi-dimensional product group not only works together but allows you to adapt your skincare routine to meet your needs day-to-day, season-to-season. Some products contain subtle scents and blends of exotic natural extracts such as Rose Otto, Jasmine, Neroli, Sacred Lotus, Citruses just to name a few, but not just scents! 100% Pure, Active Essential Oils contain a plethora of skin loving goodness beyond aroma. In fact, NVEI Apothecary Skincare products encourage skincare practices in such a way that your skincare routine now becomes a 'Luxurious @Home SPA-like Experience' that's 'Stress-free' every time! We choose to source organic, wild-crafted and conventional plant-based ingredients from ethical growers and manufacturers around the world.

NVEI Apothecary Skincare™ products incorporate the latest derma-corrective naturally-sourced cosmeceutical-grade skin-safe actives, nutraceutical peptides and plant stem cells developed by partners in Switzerland, Germany, and France.

NVEI Apothecary Skincare™ takes note of the latest sustainable and ethical dermatological innovations that help boost natural collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Stem cells, for example, are undifferentiated cells found in all multi-cellular organisms. In plants, stem cells are capable of regenerating the entire plant. The stem cells used in NVEI Apothecary Skincare products, like many of the ingredients used, are sourced from renewable plant material in a sustainable and ecological process, without genetic modifications or solvents to provide you with unparalleled anti-aging and derma-corrective results.

REWARD Yourself, Feed Your Skin, Enjoy the Gift of  Life!

Regenerate, rejuvenate, and revitalize with handcrafted formulations of 100% pure botanic actives synergistically blended with naturally-sourced leading-edge derma-corrective cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals

Enchanted elixirs boasting the finest Skin-loving Earth-friendly Comfort foods dermatologically proven to Balance, Heal and Protect

Wholistic formulations of the finest premium-select IPQ certified ingredients by respectable sources for methods of farming to the final product ensure quality and performance

Adorn your precious skin aromatically with 100% pure premium quality essential oils that help care for the skin, bring forth an overall beneficial wellness, and pure enjoyment of the self

Reap the rewards of 100% pure active botanic ingredients that correct, feed and help achieve youthfully happy and luminous skin without concern

Deliver luxurious 'Skin-loving' textures to pamper the largest organ your own while feeding it with 'Earth-friendly Comfort Foods’ from nature's pantry

Ingredients used to meticulously formulate NVEI Apothecary Skincare™ products are sourced from around the world and are certified by respectable sources for the methods of farming to the final product ingredient selected for use.

It's not about making more products, it's about better-made products with INTEGRITY, PURITY, and QUALITY.

Why settle for less?

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