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How do I nominate someone?
♥ Simple, tell us the story about your nominee and why you feel they should receive a wellness outreach gift on us.

How is a nominee chosen?
♥ Once a month we will select a recipient or where deemed sooner. Our outreach reserve fund builder is used for many acts of philanthropy. Our #ShareTheSmiles #PayItForward outreach is just one example of how we can help spread a little more joy.   
Each nomination will be carefully chosen by our staff based on the story you present to us. This offering is not to be used for simple pleasantries, but an outreach offering by us to bring someone you feel deserves an attentive moment of kindness, non-invasive pampering and wellness the best way we know of.
♥ If your nominee is selected we will contact you for further information to verify legitimacy of your nomination.

♦ Ages 12+ may submit nominations
♦ You can only submit one nominee per month
♦ You cannot submit the same nominee twice within a given 12 month period
♦ You cannot use for simple gifting

Are there any upfront or hidden charges?
No, absolutely not! Recipients are free to offer tips but are not obligated to do so.

Does the recipient have to come to NVEI?
Absolutely not. For recipients that are not mobile we will make arrangements to come to their location.

How far will you travel?
Currently this outreach service is limited to a 25 Km radius from our location in downtown Edmonton. In some cases this may be extended.

How is this supported?
 Every time a you make a retail purchase at our Day Spa Institute or online a portion of the proceeds is redirected to support this outreach fund. This excludes promotional pricing, specials, coupons or discounts.
 Through Donations: You too can opt to help build these offerings either by offering a donation online by simply clicking the donation button (automated receipt generated upon clearing) or visit us in person to donate a dollar value to the program or that of a selected service.

Why are you doing this?
NVEI is not just a spa, it's a community  Brenda Reid
It's more than a spa, it's like a big warm hug  Angie Moirea
One of the greatest joys we have within our business is creating smiles and fond memories.

Where ever we can, we help support community efforts for many causes through the offerings of our passion. We passionately believe nature is the key to overall wellness, and yes human life. Simply put, to all life living on this planet we call Earth.
♥ For over 30 years, an authentic, generous and passionate women dedicated to derma-hygienic corrective skincare wellness around the world has shown skincare is not just about an image, product or service, it's about a better product and service outcome tailored just for you, the individual. Today, the NVE Institute is the pinnacle result of her years of passionate dedication towards people and their skincare wellness, and it's only the beginning of what's yet to come.
♥ We strive for excellence each day to bring not only skincare results through caring use of Mother Nature's finest botanic extracts, elixirs and raw vegan materials, but help you find balance and escape from the day to day stresses of life's experiences. Coming into our sanctuary of goodness welcomes you with an authentic passion for nature and people; extending it to someone in need is a natural progression of who we are and our willingness to help bring more smiles beyond the confines of our humble institute of wellness.

Is my information submitted secured?
Absolutely YES! All information sent through our website is encrypted and securely transmitted directly to NVE Institute office where it will be reviewed for authentication before admission. No information submitted is stored within the confines of this site nor used for any other purpose other than the ShareTheSmiles Outreach program. The information you submit is held in the strictest of confidence and only accessible to personal of the NVE Institute. Upon written consent of the selected nominee for 
our outreach offering we may make public in part non-sensitive information as testimonial to the acts of kindness presented through this outreach program.

ShareTheSmiles Nomination Form

PayItForward and help bring more Smiles of Goodness

Donations are always welcomed and with your generosity we'll bring even more smiles of wellness for someone in need.

Donations are processed securely by PayPal, the leading online payment processor in the world.


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