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nvei apothecary skincare private formulationsWe believe your skin is as unique as you where mass-made blanket-approach products cannot be as truly effective as products formulated to match your uniqueness.
While some skin conditions may be considered common, fact is, no two people experience them in exactly the same way.

FACT: Mass produced and marketed products often fail to deliver on promises mostly because they attempt to apply blanket solutions in fancy eye catching wrappings and marketing hype.
FACT: Consumers, for the most part mix & match trying multiple products to only end-up being unsatisfied or worse yet, now with skin conditions far from being what they were starting out with.

One major point that many consumers and even some skincare experts claim or do is they believe it's OK to mix and match products together from different brands and this is where they fall short.
FACT: Formulations from different brands mixed together can negate the action of the specified task of a given product or worse yet, create a new or possible toxin response to the skin short or long-term. Remember, sometimes the damage induced on the skin will not become apparent till years later, by then it is either too late or will cost you $$$ in treatments or products to fix what could have been avoided with common sense.

Truth is, the complex and highly individual root causes of skin conditions are never addressed where many products mostly mask or inhibit the real issues, in other words, short-term quick surface fixes to the eye only.

Something on you is something in you

Perhaps even more concerning, or should we say alarming, is that most of these products are made with perfumed cocktails including dyes, parabens, animal by-products and other preservative chemicals to keep them stable and viable in order to sit on shelves waiting for purchase. True skincare products should be like real food for the skin, helping resolve and prevent ailments, maintain youthful aging and more. Yes, one can age gracefully and beautifully.

On a global scale, purchasing mass-made products only feeds a large industrial machine that has no true concern for the welfare of one's skin; only market-hold, power and profit. Less not forget the environmental impact created.
The cosmetic industry is the second largest industry in the world. Consumers handout billions of dollars around the world every year in cosmetic purchases and it grows every year.  In our opinion, mass-made products are far from providing any long-term true benefits as many contain toxic additives that can actually worsen existing conditions, create new ones, attribute to the decline of health and even that of a next generations health through transference of persistent toxin bio-accumulations.
The eco-toxicity from many of these products is also of an alarming concern. Truth is, waste alone from using such products everyday is in part responsible for the affects seen through climate change today. Looking after our skin should be yes, effective, but not at the risk of harming any life on any level.

hydrosol distiller

Our Apothecary Skincare services represent an evolution in cosmeceutical grade skincare with products that are created fresh for you using proven skincare sciences and ingredients that are ethically sourced from nature in quantities that retain potency throughout use, eliminate waste to ensure the best possible value and are Eco-conscious by using recyclable, minimalist packaging. No fancy bottles or hyped up marketing, just true skin loving natural cosmeceuticals, or should we say nutraceuticals that truly feed, heal and protect the most precious organ your own, your skin.

Our custom formulations and small-batch processing are created to  be without toxic preservatives, artificial perfumes, chemical emulsifiers, silicone, mineral oils, colourants, amines or other known harmful additives to life. This is one step beyond commonly found skincare products as it now becomes a professional resource towards each individual's personal requirements for a healthier lifestyle and peace of mind. We can even create your very own personalized perfume for both individual or corporate needs.

Contact us today for more information on how you can have your very own skincare products created just for you.

Your Skin, Your Products - Personalized Luxury Skincare
Designing the right skincare treatment for you means really getting to know you.

By staying current on the latest advancements and technologies in skincare, and through ongoing research and development with the natural world, we are constantly discovering other properties of the true healing powers of plants. Our search for the finest natural skin-beneficial elements brings forth botanical stem cell technology creating powerful derma-corrective treatments and products with many advantages over more common botanical extracts. When combining these powerful botanical stem cells with premium select extracts we create super foods for your wellness and youthfulness greatly allowing us to offer you the newest, most effective skincare treatments for all ages and skin types.

Feel Confident With Us

There is no such thing as a ‘ONE SIZE’ fits all approach to skincare from our perspective, and after over 30 years in the industry, we have yet to see two identical people with the exact same needs.

Consultations provide you with an opportunity to ask a qualified skincare professional about your skincare goals.

What can I expect from Advanced Apothecary Skincare Consultations?
In-depth Skin Diagnostics
Visual Skin Analysis
Photo Documentation
Life Style & Skincare Education
Detailed Skin History
Current Product Revisions
Personalized Skincare Regime
Personalized Skincare Formulation(s) (sample(s) included)
Skin Health Wellness Program

Apothecary Product 2 Hour Initial Consultation $250.00

Follow Up Consultation Fees

15 Minutes $25.00
30 Minutes $50.00
60 Minutes $100.00
90 Minutes $150.00

Skin Health Assessments are part of a comprehensive approach to improving common skin conditions and maintaining general skin health. Our goal is to help improve skin wellness through the Art of Phyto-aroma Cosmetology, not apply patches or quick-fixes. We believe the plant world is filled with magic where mother nature has long shared with us her powerful medicine to bring you skin-loving skincare wellness. When products are made with integrity, purity, and quality at the very core, they then become powerful anti-aging tools and nutritional sources towards a healthier and happy lifestyle.

Our Point of Difference
Knowledge is Key
Unique Solutions
Who can benefit?
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