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Victory Community Garden

The Victory GardenNature is our life source, without it, humanity simply will cease to exist

The Victory Community Garden is a project very close to our hearts. The concept of this gathering place is not just for visual appeal, but a sustainable green zone where you can take off your shoes and feel the welcome of nature without concern. A bio-zone that will support life without use of pesticides, chemicals or other toxins harmful to life in any manner.

As a community garden, this is your chance to take part in creating a place to not be just proud of, but happy in knowing as small as it may be, its impact will have world wide reach of wellness.

Want to be part of this? If so, communicate with us for updates and how you can be part of positive change.

The Regenisis Project

Sleeping in Garden

The Regenisis Project
Regenerative Ecological Wellness

Our earth has given us a wealth of resources to choose from; some we abuse, some we misuse and many we misunderstand in our opinion. When it comes to cultivation methods and the use of farmlands, there exists quite the debate as to what's right and what's wrong. One undebatable and undeniable fact is this, in Nature without our touch there exists a fluidity, or free-flow of life that is balanced, continuous and harmonious.

Question is, how can we as humans find better ways to empower a quality of life without destruction to the very essence required for us to live, this planet?

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