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How to Create Personalized Gift Certificate

1  Choose one of the high-res gift card background templates below.

2  Enter a gift amount (Minimum $75 - Maximum $1000) and complete the required form fields including your own personalized message should you wish.

3  Delivery Method: Sending by email sends both you and your recipient a copy that can be printed or stored on any portable device capable of viewing images. If you opt for the printing method, whereby you wish to present this in person, you will be then sent an email to download your personalized GC. You have at option to print at any size, but best are results are given when printed full page photo on quality print media. (Gallery images/thumbnails are not representative of final print quality.)

4  Once you've completed all the information select "Preview" to see a thumbnail image of your Gift Certificate. Select Back(Redo) to make any changes. ***PLEASE VERIFY ALL INFORMATION IS CORRECT BEFORE PROCEEDING TO CHECKOUT*** (We are not responsible for incorrect information or problematic accounts such as hotmail, yahoo or live email accounts. If you have not received your GC copy then please verify your spam/junk settings and folders. If not received or found after verification please contact us immediately via telephone during operational hours or by email) This is a fully automatic system and relies on the information you provide.

5  Finally, if all is good, select "Pay Now" and you will be forwarded to our secured PayPal payment page. Once payment has been cleared, you and/or the recipient will be sent an email with your selected personalized gift certificate. (All GC's will include bar-codes usable only at NVEI)

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