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Gommax Micro Epi-Dermabrasion

Gommax Micro Epi-Dermabrasion

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What is it?
Gommax 'Micro Epi-dermabrasion' Dermatologically used to perform non-invasive microdermabrasion treatments for all types of skin and skin conditions.

Gommax plays a crucial role in many of our professional skincare treatments daily here at our Wellness Day Spa and has so for many years. Gommax is a unique, triple-action derma-corrective exfoliate (scrub) based on one of the oldest known forms of exfoliation, sometimes referred to as Gommage (Erasing of). The resulting action of Gommax combines exfoliation, oxygenation, and purification all in one without chemical-laden toxicities or environmental bio-toxic contamination, especially plastic micro-beads. The microcrystals of ground pumice generate a safely administered abrasive action withdrawing impurities and removal of dead cells. Gommax non-aggressively removes roughness, micro-scars, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, helps minimizes age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles allowing an emergence of brilliant skin and new baby found silky softness. The manual exfoliating action of Gommax stimulates microcirculation, increasing the blood reserve while providing a source of essential nutrients for skins regeneration.  The synergetic action of essential oils, clay, and vegetable oils allow for a secure, and highly effective dermabrasion treatment without downtime or damage to the skin.

More Information

Our Aloes used in formulations is a powdered concentrated extract which has been carefully processed from the inner fillet of the aloe leaf. 1 gram of this extracted can be reconstituted to produce 200 times its weight in volume. In processing to powder, care is taken to minimize disruption of the Aloin layer (known to create sensitivities with some people) which is then stripped away. This Aloes Extract is then further processed to remove pulp and fiber and then pasteurized and concentrated utilizing low-temperature evaporation. This Aloes extract is then freeze-dried to avoid additional additives or preservatives until reuse. Freeze drying prevents the breakdown of the great majority of the long chain polysaccharides found in the fresh leaf providing the most nutrient active values of Aloes to be intact when reconstituted for use. In other words, as fresh as if it was handpicked.

Phyto-aroma Extracts:
We only use the most premium select materials for your skincare wellness. Raw Terra clays, salts, muds, oils & CTEO certified essential oils are all sourced from reliable cultivators and distillers from around the world. We take great pride in the quality of these precious gifts of nature and even more pride in treating you with the finest elements of our Mother Earth. These nutrient-rich skin-beneficial elements will bring you results without aggression or toxicity, just pure skin-loving goodness.

Cosmeceutical and Nutraceutical Actives:
We heavily research and test all choices of cosmeceutical and nutraceutical grade ingredients. These ingredients are sourced from the most advanced Phyto-aroma skincare ingredient developers in the world. All choices of these skin-safe ingredients are verified derivatives of natural extracts and non-toxic processes being checked-listed on all known international and domestic ingredient listings for safety and any known invasive side-affects. All selections of these natural actives are proven to be skin-safe and beneficial to skin wellness.

What else you need to know:
Professionally used in Skincare Centers, Spas & Medi-spas
Dermatologically Tested
No Bioaccumulation
Environmentally Safe
100% Human Tested - Not Animal Tested
Gluten Free

Clinical research results: 
- 91% reported gentle enough to the eye area
- 95% reported instant soothing of painful eruptions when used as a *spot treatment
- 97% reported an effective feeling of silky smoothness, brighter-looking skin after one use
- 95% reported a difference in depth and appearance of fine lines/wrinkles after 30 days using twice weekly
- 92% reported diminished pigmentation or complete disappearance of skin discolorations after 30 days using twice weekly

*Acne Spot Treatment - Feeling a nasty pimple coming? Cleanse, apply your favorite NVEI Hydrosol (Floral or Fruit Toner or Eau de Vie Complex) put a little on the affected area and leave on overnight. Don't pick or aggravate.

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60ml / 2 US Net.oz 

HDPE Acrylic Jars

Which skin type is it good for?

    ✔ All Skin

Solutions for:
- Minimizing Fine Lines, Wrinkles,
- Minimizing Micro-scars & Acne Scarring
- Spot Acne Treatments
- Roughness & Scaliness
- Hyperpigmentation
- Age Spots
- Discoloration caused by perfume, sun damage, aggressive products