'More than a SPA,  it's like a big WARM HUG!'

Welcome to where wellness is uniquely yours. We believe every person is unique, with unique needs and unique personal desires. No two individual's bodies, skin or minds are alike; even if identical twins. Our goal is quite simple; provide you with the Finest, most Attentive personalized Apothecary SkincareRejuvenation Wellness Services and Skin Loving Earth Friendly Products possible. We believe everyone can benefit from the pure goodness borrowed from our Mother Earth.

As good humans of this living entity we walk upon, we adorn these offerings of wellness upon you with caring touches and precious gifts for body, mind and spirit.

Integrity Purity Quality

'Eco Wellness Day Spa'

Our skilled iCARE Hosts focus on ensuring your stay with us is a memorable, stress-less experience where the essences of Mother Nature will nurture you with a heavenly prowess and peace of mind.
Our Customers

Eco-conscious consumers and professionals throughout the world demanding products and personal care services delivering Integrity, Purity and Quality.

Our Mission

To create and provide the most innovative active natural products and personal care services for the skincare industry, encompassing performance, safety and ecological responsibility.


A strategic, forward thinking ecological culture of innovation that meets the demands of our clients and marketplace.

Our Eco Wellness Day Spa is an environment where we truly are Eco-conscious by;

Our Earth Sm embracing our responsibility to recycle, reuse and renew as much as possible, ensuring our ecological footprint is a responsible and conscious one.
 using water-saving low-wattage self-contained Eco-pedicure units (100% hygienic, pipe-less & non-Jacuzzi). We use an average 0.8 gallons compared to typical industry use of 5-7 gallons per pedicure.
 using biodegradable beneficial plant waxes rather than non-biodegradable petrochemical paraffin.
 using environmentally sound cleansers, disinfectants, germicides & sterilizers.
 using energy saving LED lighting where possible.

 using beneficial natural daylight when possible minimizing electrical use.
 using derma-corrective apparatuses and other energy requiring appliances that are energy-star rated where possible.
 using 100% recyclable retail product packaging.
 using recycled FSC Stewardship papers, bags and printing materials.
 using paperless payment terminals. (Emailed receipts)
 using energy-star rated computers, monitors and printing devices.
 ensuring in-house product waste is bio-degradable where possible and disposing properly of waste without harm to our environment.
We want your visit to be as stress-free as possible where you can breathe with ease natural and comforting aromas. By employing air-purifying natural plants, rechargeable electro-static air-filters and humidifying water-features, you'll be with peace of mind in knowing the air you breathe is not an obtrusive one, but rather a welcoming and comforting one.

WE DO NOT EMPLOY the use of environmental toxins or invasive techniques. All water used for contact with skin is double-filtered removing chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, heavy metals and traces of other contaminates that can be commonly found in supply water.

WE DO NOT EMPLOY use of UV light cures, dremal tools, plastic-beads, non-biodegradable materials or other known life disruptive or toxic elements.

We proudly blend the pure power of Mother Earth's 'Nature Identical'  essences with today's advancing non-invasive skincare sciences just for you to bring not only rejuvenated wellness or personal esthetic services, but peace of mind in knowing everything we do is about you, your safety and your well-being.

Something on you, is something in you

'Handcrafted Apothecary Skincare Products'

Created by a passionately certified Derma-hygienist and Purveyor of Phyto-Aroma Cosmetology, these 'FRESH' & 'LIVE' skincare wellness products with aromas of historical noblesse in our opinion are simply the finest 'Skin-loving Earth-Friendly Comfort-foods' your skin will ever come to know. Pure 'Nature Identical' natural aromas bursting with life to welcome and nurture you, not aggress you.

For over 30 years, our Derma-hygenist has handcrafted fine elixirs of skincare wellness for use in the professional skincare industry and by selective clients around the world. NVEI Apothecary Skincare products are not just premium select natural oils, elixirs and herbal extracts, but some of the most powerful, naturally-sourced advanced 'Derma-corrective' essences in the world are used to create the most 'Enchanting Skincare Rejuvenation' products you'll experience without toxins or questionable ingredients.

' Looking after your skin should not be a chore or burden, it should be a welcoming of the self that's enjoyable, rewarding and without concerns. '

Alberta Culture and Tourism Heritage Protected 1920's English Style Cottage

In partnership with

The NVE Institute is proudly homed in a re-vitalized/re-purposed 'Alberta Culture and Tourism' Heritage-protected (early 1920's) English Style Cottage located within the Oliver community of downtown Edmonton, Alberta.

This heritage area of the Oliver community is fast becoming a small wellness hub of healing professionals and locally owned small businesses closely located to 124th Street, the Brewery District and Jasper Avenue where you will find some of Edmonton's finest establishments for  arts, dining, shopping and so much more.

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NVE Institute Purveyors of Phyto-aroma Cosmetology

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