NVEI Medical Release Forms

nvei medical release formIt is extremely important that you fully understand that your medical and personal historical information required on these forms is mandatory based on the Canadian Health Services Act and by our governing consumer and business insurance association.


Failure or refusal to provide this information will result in direct refusal or delay of service.


This information is confidential between you and NVEI iCare staff & management where it can only be released upon legal or your personal request.


Please refer to our Privacy Policy and SPA Etiquette Policy for more information on your privacy rights & obligations prior to service.

Medical History Forms

We have two forms where in some cases both maybe required before any service is accepted to be performed. Please choose one or both and print/complete before coming for service. Please note that inbetween your visits should anything change in your personal history that it is your obligation to update your historical forms with us.

For all services other than hair removal, please download and fully complete our NVEI Medical History Release Form

For all hair removal services only, please download and complete our NVEI Medical History Waxing Release Form

We thank you in advance.

NVEI Management