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Frequently Ask Questions - NVEI Sciences and Therapies

What is Phyto-aroma Cosmetology?

Let the natural you shine through - Get natural beauty through Phyto Aroma therapies!

Nowadays, specifically considering some of the more recent studies and research showing us that many mainstream cosmetics are tainted with harsh and even toxic chemicals, consumers are searching for safer alternatives and true consumer transparency. Some of the top companies of skin care products are looking out for the most effective and natural ways that contribute in treating a host of skin ailments, rather then application of superficial patches. Why? Because what is affiliated with natural therapy is this; it won’t harm you by any means, nor have any side effect (provided that it is 100 percent pure and natural). To nurture this pertinent cause, various scientists are working to dig out several ways other than making synthetic products to cater the cause, and because of this, the role of phyto-aroma therapy is being ruminated over;

Phyto therapy > what is it?

Flowers as natural beauty products! Make your skin glow.Phyto therapy refers to a medicinal methodology through the use of plants, their natural extracts and essences which are used to treat and cure several skin ailments. This methodology has been used for centuries for various medicinal reasons, and even before the time when the usage of the conventional medicines took place as a form of treatment. Today, phyto therapy is considered to be one of the most popular philosophies in sundry skin care products. Phyto therapy aims to provide a completely natural solution in treating the skin from several issues, like aging effects, sun damage, acne and more. At NVEI the bottom line is that natural and pure plant extracts are used, and thus allowing the maximum possible concentrations to work on the skin without any lesion or side effects.

Aroma therapy > what is it?

Nature does not need us but we need nature!Aroma therapy has also been in use for centuries just like the phyto therapy. Aroma Therapy uses the scented part of the botanical, known as essential oils. At NVEI, we only use certified CTEO (chemotyped essential oils) essential oils and have chosen only the most pristine verified EO's from the four corners of the world. Chemotyped essential oils (CTEOs) have a very wide range of actions on various therapies. Today, in terms of disease alone, no one can deny the anti-infectious efficacy of essential oils. The problem of antibiotic abuse signifies that the use of essential oils is, in many cases of infection, the sole alternative and substitute. With their composition, properties, and clinically studied and assayed doses, CTEOs do not induce germ resistance or affect the immune system or selectivity of saprophytic and pathogenic flora. Essential oils in fact are the botanical life force of the selected plant which functions similarly to that of our very own immune system. Aroma therapy is a methodology in which different plant oils are used to ensure the physical and the mental well being of an individual. True essential oils are capable of resisting numerous ailments that can occur in the body. Essential oils can either be inhaled or applied directly onto the skin (in dilute concentrations) to get the maximum benefits in the form of desirable results. Aroma therapy is used frequently in the manufacturing of many skin care products for a couple of reasons – it provides a pleasant essence when the product is applied and secondly the entire formula of the product is enhanced in terms of its effectiveness. This methodology is considered important because of the fact that the oil is produced from the plants and this conglomeration of pure, natural ingredients exhume noticeable results.

When we combine the two, the effectiveness of this science is simply pure natural goodness. No toxic chemicals, parabens, preservatives, heavy metals or artificial aromas. At NVEI, the essence of your body is treated as delicately as a fresh hand-picked flower allowing your natural beauty to come forth and feel alive, not stagnant or artificially preserved.


Essential oil chemotypeSynthesized chemical substances are dead substances whose un-eliminated waste products, stored in certain organs, unsettle us and diminish our vitality. Essential oils, on the other hand, are natural products that bring about an intense revitalization of the body.

Nevertheless, obtaining a therapeutic-quality essential oil is a particularly delicate process, because the CTEO must meet numerous quality criteria:

  • Botanical certification: The plant name must indicate the genus, the species, the sub-species, and the variety in order to avoid any error stemming from common names. Ex.: Aniba rosaeodora var. amazonica - Helichrysum italicum ssp. serotinum
  • Geographical origin: The name of the country or region provides interesting information about the bio-type (environment) of the aromatic plant and characterizes its specific biochemical composition.
  • Cultivation type: This detail indicates whether the plant is wild or cultivated, and whether it was grown using organic FARMING methods (ORGANIC label) or not.
  • Level of botanical development: Chemotype characteristics sometimes depend on the level of development : harvest before, during or after flowering, etc.
  • The distilled organ (or expressed organ, for Lemon zest only): The biochemical composition of CHEMOTYPED ESSENTIAL OILS varies according to the part or organ of the distilled plant.
  • Extraction method: The composition of CTEOs can vary according to the method of extraction used: distillation, steam distillation, percolation, expression.
  • The chemotype: Analysis using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry indicates the basic molecules for the correct use of CTEOs



Typical essential oil extractionRecognized for their powerful therapeutic properties and used for millennium in China (cinnamon, anise, ginger), India, the Middle East (ammi, pine, fennel, etc), Egypt, Greece, America (Aztecs, Mayas, Incas : Ho wood, sassafras) and Africa (frankincense, myrrh, ravintsara), essential oils fell into disuse during the Middle Ages. This was a time when Europe was falling back into barbarism, with a general decline in knowledge. It took the arrival of the Arabs to bring about the rebirth of plant-based medicine, which then occupied a prime spot in the therapeutic arsenal of the era.

The extraction of essential oils by steam distillation was came into being during the industrial revolution, making the development of food products and perfumes possible. In the early 20th century, researchers (Chamberland, Cadéac, Martindale) used experiments to demonstrate the antiseptic properties of essential oils. But the real ” fathers” of XXX_G were first, Gattefossé, and then Valnet and his followers. R.M. Gattefossé, a pioneer of modern perfumery, burned his hands during an explosion in his laboratory and had the inspired reflex of plunging his hands in a container filled with essential oil of lavender. He felt instant relief, and his wound healed surprisingly fast. Amazed by this result, he decided to study essential oils and their properties.

Modern aromatherapy was born. Nevertheless, despite its incontestable efficacy, aromatherapy never received due recognition from physicians. The reason for the limited success of aromatherapy during this period include competition from laboratories producing synthetic chemical products, with much greater financial clout, and the incorrect use of EOs as a result of unfamiliarity with the different varieties of a single species.

Today, high-caliber physicians (Valnet, Duraffourd, Lapraz, d’Hervincourt, Belaiche) researchers (P. Franchomme), and pharmacists (D. Baudoux) have definitively established the reputation, efficacy and extraordinary richness of essential oils.

Aromatherapy is a type of alternative medicine that makes use of essential oils and other aromatic plant compounds which are aimed at improving a person's health or mood. Aromatherapy has been effectively used for thousands of years throughout numerous ancient cultures of both yesteryear and cultures of modern today.

Many consider this type of treatment as unscientific and wishful thinking (mostly of Medical, Pharmaceutical companies and those tied to these groups). True, there are charlatans as in everything where the idea of profit is present - however, scientific evidence of aromatherapy and the use of natural botanical extracts with minimal processing (whole of the plant) effectiveness is growing. The human mind, as powerful as it is, does not and can not have an 100% sure explanation for all, nor should it be taken that what humans take as the absolute truth, is not without other possibilities - the universe is vast, filled with things that as humans, our mind cannot explain or is it, accept?

Essential oils used in aromatherapy have a different composition compared to other herbal products because the distillation used in aromatherapy recovers the lighter phyto-molecules. Aromatherapy is a widely used term for a range of traditional therapies and holistic - more natural health options. These include massage oils, skin care products or any topical application that uses pure, essential oils - the essential oils are either absorbed through the skin or inhaled.

At NVEI, we use aromatherapy in many of our services and applications, as with found in many of the natural products we use and have available for retail purchase. Nature has both shown and proven to us that the gifts of the this Earth we use are filled with vast and endless possibilities of wellness towards that of body, mind and spirit.

The theory behind aromatherapy

Through inhalation of essential oils, stimulation of parts of the brain connected to smell - the olfactory system;  a signal is sent to the limbic system of the brain that controls emotions and may even retrieve learned memories. This causes chemicals to be released which make a person feel relaxed, calm, or even stimulated. The use of essential oils have a direct pharmacological effect - we all know or have experienced that certain scents make us at times - feel happy, energetic, positively charged and others have made us feel icky, sad, repulsive and negative. It is said by many Aromatherapists and others in the profession of promoting wellness that there is a synergy between the body and aromatic oils.

Essential oils, phytoncides and other natural volatile organic compounds (VOCs) work differently over other things such as pharmaceutical medications. When targeting our sense of smell, these VOCs activate or trigger activation of the limbic system and emotional centers of the brain. When applied topically (onto the skin) they activate thermal receptors, destroy microbes and fungi (Tea Tree oil for example). Internal applications may even stimulate the immune system (generally in prescribed form).

In France, and much of Western Europe, aromatherapy is incorporated into mainstream medicine as an antiseptic, antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial, much more so than in the UK, USA or Canada. In fact, there are some essential oils that are regulated as prescription drugs in France, and can only be administered (or prescribed) by a doctor.

Applications of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is generally applied in one of three ways:

Aerial diffusion - oils evaporate into the air to give the air a specific fragrance or even to disinfect it.
Direct inhalation - one breaths the evaporating oils straight in for respiratory disinfection, decongestion, as well as for psychological benefits.
Topical applications - applied onto the skin for massage, baths, and therapeutic skin care.

What can aromatherapy be used for?

Skin Disorders
Muscular aches
Body aches
Circulation problems
Digestive problems
Menstrual problems
Menopausal problems
"Some studies have found that women with depression have their sense of smell affected. It added that women who received aromatherapy and that were suffering from depression may benefit from treatments using aromatherapy."

What are the risks of aromatherapy?

It is important to follow any product instructions carefully that uses essential oils. Concentrated products may be poisonous before dilution and should be handled with care.

If you have any of the following conditions you should be extra careful/cautious about aromatherapy: allergy, or allergies, hay fever (a type of allergy), asthma, eczema, psoriasis, epilepsy, hypertension (high blood pressure), DVT (deep vein thrombosis), breastfeeding, pregnant.

At NVEI, we only use the safest of essentials oils and botanic extracts where we always verify with all clients their medical history. This is why we have a mandatory medical release form for all clients to complete prior to any acceptance for services offered. Aromatherapy does sometimes have side effects. However, they tend to be very mild and do not last long. These may include nausea, headaches and some allergic reactions. If so feel any of these symptoms before or during service please advise us immediately.

Other Know Possible Risks

Skin sensitivity to sunlight - certain essential oils derived from citrus when used pure may make the skin more sensitive to ultraviolet light, making the person more susceptible to sunburn. Some essential oils can change the effectiveness of conventional medicines and medications which is another reason why your medical release form requests a list of any medications you are taking or any medical treatments you are following.

What is the Meaning of CTEO?

Essential oil chemotypeQUALITY CRITERIA OF CHEMOTYPED ESSENTIAL OILS Synthesized chemical substances are dead substances whose un-eliminated waste products, stored in certain organs, unsettle us and diminish our vitality. Essential oils, on the other hand, are natural products that bring about an intense revitalization of the body.

Nevertheless, obtaining a therapeutic-quality essential oil is a particularly delicate process, because the CTEO must meet numerous quality criteria:

  • Botanical certification: The plant name must indicate the genus, the species, the sub-species, and the variety in order to avoid any error stemming from common names. Ex.: Aniba rosaeodora var. amazonica - Helichrysum italicum ssp. serotinum
  • Geographical origin: The name of the country or region provides interesting information about the bio-type (environment) of the aromatic plant and characterizes its specific biochemical composition.
  • Cultivation type: This detail indicates whether the plant is wild or cultivated, and whether it was grown using organic FARMING methods (ORGANIC label) or not.
  • Level of botanical development: Chemotype characteristics sometimes depend on the level of development : harvest before, during or after flowering, etc.
  • The distilled organ (or expressed organ, for Lemon zest only): The biochemical composition of CHEMOTYPED ESSENTIAL OILS varies according to the part or organ of the distilled plant.
  • Extraction method: The composition of CTEOs can vary according to the method of extraction used: distillation, steam distillation, percolation, expression.
  • The chemotype: Analysis using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry indicates the basic molecules for the correct use of CTEOs


Typical essential oil extractionRecognized for their powerful therapeutic properties and used for millennium in China (cinnamon, anise, ginger), India, the Middle East (ammi, pine, fennel, etc), Egypt, Greece, America (Aztecs, Mayas, Incas : Ho wood, sassafras) and Africa (frankincense, myrrh, ravintsara), essential oils fell into disuse during the Middle Ages. This was a time when Europe was falling back into barbarism, with a general decline in knowledge. It took the arrival of the Arabs to bring about the rebirth of plant-based medicine, which then occupied a prime spot in the therapeutic arsenal of the era.

The extraction of essential oils by steam distillation was came into being during the industrial revolution, making the development of food products and perfumes possible. In the early 20th century, researchers (Chamberland, Cadéac, Martindale) used experiments to demonstrate the antiseptic properties of essential oils. But the real ” fathers” of XXX_G were first, Gattefossé, and then Valnet and his followers. R.M. Gattefossé, a pioneer of modern perfumery, burned his hands during an explosion in his laboratory and had the inspired reflex of plunging his hands in a container filled with essential oil of lavender. He felt instant relief, and his wound healed surprisingly fast. Amazed by this result, he decided to study essential oils and their properties.

Modern aromatherapy was born. Nevertheless, despite its incontestable efficacy, aromatherapy never received due recognition from physicians. The reason for the limited success of aromatherapy during this period include competition from laboratories producing synthetic chemical products, with much greater financial clout, and the incorrect use of EOs as a result of unfamiliarity with the different varieties of a single species.

Today, high-caliber physicians (Valnet, Duraffourd, Lapraz, d’Hervincourt, Belaiche) researchers (P. Franchomme), and pharmacists (D. Baudoux) have definitively established the reputation, efficacy and extraordinary richness of essential oils.

What are Essential Oils?

An essential oil is a liquid that is generally distilled (most frequently by steam or water) from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots, or other elements of a plant. Essential oils, contrary to the use of the word "oil" are not really oily-feeling at all. Most essential oils are clear, but some oils such as patchouli, orange and lemongrass are amber or yellow in color.

Essential oils, also referred to as "essences", are botanical extracts of various plant materials, and do not only originate from flowers, but from herbs, trees and various other plant material.

Essential oils are extracted from the botanical material using a variety of extraction methods to suit the material extracted from and are highly odoriferous liquids.

The use of essential oils have a long history and many prominent healers in history have made use, and believed in, the healing power of these extracts.

Essential oils differ from other oils (fixed oils such as olive oil) as they are volatile and evaporate when left open, and have certain therapeutic properties which can be used to promote health and well-being.

SAFETY As with anything there are certain essential oils which can be toxic. Luckily most are not sold in general to the public. People should be aware that they have to take care when using essential oils for the first time, or experimenting with a new oil.

There are also certain safety precautions to be followed in the use of essential oils, such as never to use pure, undiluted essential oils on the skin.

ESSENTIAL OIL SAFETY There is no doubt that essential oils are very powerful compounds, and some safety measures must be kept in mind when having them around the house.

Following the guidelines below will help keep the use of essential oils safe for you and those around you.

  • Never take essential oils internally unless so advised by your medical practitioner.

  • Keep essential oils out of the reach of children.

  • Always dilute essential oils with a suitable carrier oil before applying it to the skin.

  • If you are pregnant, lactating or suffer from epilepsy, hypertension (high blood pressure), have cancer or liver damage, or any other medical condition, only use essential oils under guidance of a qualified aroma practitioner/aroma therapist.

  • Use essential oils with great care on children.

  • If you are using a new un-tried essential oil, first do a skin patch test before using extensively.

  • If irritation occurs with a specific oil or formula, discontinue the use of such oil or formula.

  • Take care not to get any essential oils into your eyes or on to any mucus membranes.

  • A wise practice is to always wash your hands after handling pure undiluted essential oils.

  • Some oils are not indicated for use while you are pregnant, due to the stimulating effect it has on the urinary system and uterus. Using such oils during the early months of pregnancy can cause contractions and premature delivery.

  • When nursing babies care must be taken with your selection of essential oils to prevent skin transference to the baby.

  • When using essential oils is would be better to abstain from using alcohol, or if inevitable, a small glass of white wine at mealtime can be consumed.

  • Check for any interaction between medication and essential oils, since some essential oils can interfere with certain prescription medication.

  • When using essential oils that cause sun sensitivity people should take care to avoid expose to the sun.

  • People with a sensitive skin should always perform a skin patch test before using untried essential oils.

  • Certain oils have been banned for use in aromatherapy, and although it may be used in other applications, it may not be used in aromatherapy massage etc.

ESSENIAL OILS USES Essential oils are used in a variety of ways, and include aromatherapy massage - where the oil is absorbed through the skin and vaporization where the essential oil molecules enter the bloodstream via the lungs.

Essential oils are also used medicinally and taken internally, but this must NOT be undertaken by the layperson, but should only be done under the treatment and direction of a qualified medical practitioner.

If you have never used essential oils on your skin, it is advisable to perform a skin-patch test to check for any allergic reaction.

Essential oils contain the true essence of the plant it was derived from. Essential oils are highly concentrated and a little goes a long way.

ESSENTIAL OILS ARE NOT THE SAME AS PERFUME OR FRAGRANCE OILS Where essential oils are derived from the true plants, perfume oils are artificially created fragrances or contain artificial substances and do not offer the therapeutic benefits that essential oils offer.

The chemical composition and aroma of essential oils can provide valuable psychological and physical therapeutic benefits. These benefits are usually achieved through methods including inhalation and application of the diluted oil to the skin.

Careful inhalation of the oils can also provide therapeutic benefit as the oil molecules enter the lungs and are absorbed into the bloodstream.

Essential oils can vary greatly in quality and price. Factors that can affect the quality and price of the oil include the rarity of the botanical, the country of origin and growing/climate conditions, quality standards of the distiller, and how much oil is produced by the botanical.

Essential oils can often be purchased as blends of several essential oils. The advantage if it is a blend of pure essential oils is that you can save from having to buy every essential oil individually. The disadvantage is that you have no control over the blend by not mixing it yourself nor can you reliably mix the blend with other oils.

chinese face mapping dates back to around 2500 bcFirst off, Face Mapping is not a trademarked nor registered mark created by some skin care firm, modern medical science or pharmaceutical group, nor is it new or complicated. In truth, face mapping is a very ancient oriental diagnosis of health dating back to around 2500 B.C. where in modern societies of today, we can well use this as a non-invasive tool to bring forth modern results of health and graceful aging!

Facial mapping in the hands of a skillful professional is pretty much the key to unlocking the mysteries behind problematic skin. Thanks to the combined knowledge of dermatologists and skin care professionals around the world who have analyzed skin behaviors and ancient oriental medicinal methods there is a smarter way to interpret and treat skin imperfections by way of “XX.” XX is a type of skin analysis used today around the world that explains why and how certain areas of your face are connected to other parts of your body.

In western medicine, the belief is that each organ of the human body is separate from one another. This is why in our modern medicine of today, every part of our body is left to a specialist to practice in each of the different fields defined by almost each piece of your body, both interior and exterior.. In the many or the oriental philosophies, as with many indigenous peoples of past and present, they saw and treated the body as a whole, where each organ is directly related to each other. Yes, your skin is an organ, and a direct view of the health of your person.

Modern sciences, including that of today's skin care companies have left us in an over complicated and stressful lifestyle needing multitudes of these specialists to keep us healthy.

In oriental medicine and philosophy, it is the whole being, and notably, the cause, that is treated and not just the symptoms, which is typical in modern day societies filled with pill pushers and promise filled profiteers. Take in mind, many health issues may not just be physical as noted by many ancient cultures of yesteryear.  Much of the oriental cultures also believe that a mental or spiritual imbalance can also be a direct cause of one's health.

The Basics of Oriental Medicine

The earliest book on oriental medical theories known is "The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic", otherwise known as Nei Jing, by Kwang-Ti, dates back to around 2500 B.C. This book describes how much of the oriental culture views symptoms in relation to the whole body, not as isolated problems to be dealt with on an individual basis.

The essential ideas of oriental medicine are simple. They form a basis of discussion of “what’s going on” in the body. They define the basic landscape of the body as

Chi: Also known as Qi this is our basic life force and energy, which is formed from maternal energy in the prenatal state then replenished by food and breath. It directs and determines the body’s energy state, and it is predominantly either Yin (passive) or Yang (active) in nature. It flows through the entire body via the meridian network.

Blood: A liquid, Yin in nature, that nourishes and maintains the body parts.

Jing: Translated as essence of the body. Supportive and nutritive, it is the basis of reproduction, growth, ripening and withering. Ongoing development through life corresponds to changes in the body’s Jing.

Shen: Best translated as Spirit, an elusive concept in the medical tradition. Human personality and consciousness indicate the presence of Shen, which is the capacity to form ideas and the desire to live life. Shen is Yang in nature.

Fluids: These are bodily liquids other than blood and include sweat, urine, gastric juices and saliva. Their function is to moisten and lubricate the hair, skin, membranes, orifices, muscles, organs and flesh.

Ok, so what does this all have to do with my acne or hyper sensitive skin?

Well, we've put together a summery of how acne and other conditions you may have could be also associated with internal health issues that you may or may not be aware of. As experts in phyto-aroma cosmetology and wellness, it is not just about skin care. We look at all aspects of your person to help both you and us understand your individual desires, needs and skin issue concerns. IMPORTANT: THE INFORMATION PROVIDED WITHIN THIS ARTICLE IS A SUMMARY OF MANY POINTS OF VIEWS, THE POINT WITHIN ALL OF THIS IS TO LEAVE YOU WITH A LITTLE MORE UNDERSTANDING AS TO THE WHYS AND HOW YOU CAN DO SIMPLE THINGS THAT CAN MAYBE, JUST MAYBE CHANGE YOUR WHOLE OUTLOOK ON LIFE AND BENEFIT FROM SLOW COSMETICS.


Oriental Facial Skin Analysis

In traditional oriental medicine, the face is an indicator of health or disease. By studying skin conditions and changes, we can determine inner imbalances and stressed areas of the body. Because each area of the face is said to relate to an internal body area, disharmony in that internal area will, in turn, lead to a change in the complexion, texture or moisture of the corresponding facial area. In general, red, pustular breakouts are indicative of Yang-type energy, and oily, comedone-prone breakouts are indicative of Yin-type energy. Lines indicate a long-term imbalance or stress, while breakouts indicate a more short-term imbalance or stress.

Skin Therapy and Oriental Medicine

As skin therapists, we once again cannot legally treat disease, but we can surely and definitely use oriental medicinal techniques along with many other multicultural techniques and philosophies as a way to treat any factors that go along with a disease or health problem. Knowing the medical problems of you as our client, combined with our knowledge of the body, we can not only make the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions that much easier, but as our client, you will appreciate the unusual approach and come to understand just how much you will view skin care as a matter of your health just as we do. We use our over 50 years of combined knowledge to take the opportunity to not only treat your skin issues, but restore balance to your bodies and mind as well.


Face mapping is one of the many great tools we use here at NVEI to determine where the many skin symptoms such as pimples, rashes, redness, hyper-pigmentation, sallowness, darkness, and yes, wrinkles may also be connected deeper within your body.

Based on the above diagram, each number will be identified as a zone associated to that region of your face. Did you also know that the ears and palms of your hands and feet can also show the status of health and mind?


While oriental medicine practitioners and reflexologists believe that certain zones of your face represent certain internal areas of your body, face mapping for acne is not an exact science. While internal problems can be one of the main reasons for acne, especially if you get cystic pimples, there are several other factors that can be responsible for breakouts. These range from skin care products, hygiene, hormones, allergies, genetics, medications etc. However, understanding what it means when you get pimples on certain facial zones is a good place to get ideas about how to clear your skin and understand more about your health and body.

TOP 12 RECOMMENDED Suggestions to avoid breakouts and other skin afflictions:
1) Go to bed early (10pm) and wake up early (6am). Even if you can't fall asleep, it's good to relax so your liver can rest and be ready for work the next day
2) Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins (more in the morning, taper off 1 hour prior to bed-rest to avoid water retention)
3) Drink less soda, carbonated beverages and alcohol
4) 20-30 minutes of light exercise every day, especially outdoors but avoid overly strenuous exercise
4) Practice relaxation techniques to worry less
6) Get enough sleep with a regular sleep schedule
7) Eat healthy foods, chewing thoroughly to improve your digestion
8) Eat lighter foods and foods that are less "rich" (like butter and cheese)
9) Reduce refined sugar in your diet
10) Keep a daily food diary to see if your acne is related to certain food groups (like dairy)
11) Practice better hygiene (i.e. washing bangs and hair, cleaning hats)
12) Check if shampoos, conditioners, and hair products are irritating skin
Zone 1 & 2: Bladder & Digestive System
Zone 3 Liver
Possible CAUSES of ACNE in Zones 1 - 3: Digestive problems (hard time breaking down certain foods); Small intestine issues; Liver issues; Irregular sleep schedule; Stress; Bad tempers; Too much worrying; Too much sugary foods; Toxin build-up; Hair products; Bangs; Wearing dirty caps/hats
Zone 4 & 5: Kidneys (& 3)
Possible CAUSES of ACNE: (TEMPLES) Poor lymphatic circulation; Diet too high in fat; Gallbladder issues; Too much processed food (BETWEEN BROWS) Weak heart; Too much alcohol; Too much tobacco
Tips: Make sure you’re keeping yourself hydrated with water and cut back on liquids that dehydrate you. This means nix the soda, coffee and/or alcohol.
Zone 9 & 10: Respiratory system Those who smoke or have allergies tend to have acne here.
Tips: If you smoke, Stop!
Zone 7 & 8: Kidneys Dark circles under the eyes are usually a result of dehydration; Circulatory issues;

Tips: Drink up! Add a quarter fresh lemon has been known to perform wonders. Some current research has indicated that lemon may has the capacity to kill center forms of cancers but more research is needed on this subject.

LEFT CHEEK Possible CAUSES of ACNE: Liver; Overeating; Nutrition hard to absorb; Stress; Stomach problems; Dirty cell phones; Dirty pillow cases; Dirty makeup brushes; Outdated or just bad or cheap Makeup; Harsh Products or mixing of different product Manufactures; Toxic Overload from Processed Foods and Cosmetic Products
RIGHT CHEEK Possible CAUSES of ACNE: Lungs; Allergies; Stress; Stomach problems; Too much sugar; Dirty cell phones; Dirty pillow cases; Dirty makeup brushes; Outdated or just bad or cheap Makeup; Harsh Products or mixing of different product Manufactures
Zone 6: Heart
Possible CAUSES of ACNE: Poor diet; Constipation; Bloating; Gastrointestinal imbalance; Indigestion; Poor blood circulation if skin on nose peels
Tips: Check your blood pressure and make sure you’re not using makeup that irritates your skin.
Zone 13: Stomach
Suggestions: Consider a detox or adding more fibre to your diet to help with digestion.
Zone 11 & 12: Hormonal System
TIPS: Stress and hormonal changes can sometimes be alleviated with more water and a few extra servings of dark, leafy greens but if breakouts in this area persistent, make an appointment with your doctor to look into a possible hormonal imbalance. Additionally, breakouts in this area also indicate when you are ovulating (and which side).
Possible CAUSES of ACNE: Hormonal problems; Gynecological issues; Kidney imbalance (for under the face/chin pimples); Resting hands on face; Toothpaste
Zone 14: Illness Can be a sign of your body fighting bacteria to avoid illness.
Tips: Take a breather and drink plenty of fluids.

So the next time you breakout or notice dark under eye circles, look to your map (or shall we say face map).



What is the Hollywood-Lift (Compu-Lift by Silhouet-Tone)?

The Hollywood-lift System (Compu-Lift Machine by Silhouet-Tone) is a professional surgery-free lifting device that uses low intensity microcurrents(Galvanic) in 3 phases: cell and circulatory stimulation, muscle toning and cell regeneration. The Compu-Lift system has well proven itself over the years in the skin care industry where many newer products (both professional and home use) today have simply based on the proven results delivered by serious professionals who are still using this system today. It is completely safe and totally painless; it is, in fact, so relaxing that some people fall asleep during the procedure. The Compu-Lift requires no anesthesia, no recovery time, no down time from work, and has no side effects.

When you Demand the Best in Rejuvenation Treatments

The Compu-Lift system is an exciting treatment that reaches well below the surface of your skin to the EPIDERMIS, DERMIS and MUSCLES to delay premature aging and restore a healthy, youthful glow.

The Compu-Lift System Treats the Aging Process on 3 Levels

Epidermal, Dermal, Muscular

What can the Compu-Lift do for you?

The Compu-Lift slows the aging process and when started early enough it may delay or totally eliminate the need for more invasive treatments. Although not considered a replacement for surgical procedures, micro-currents are found to promote healing in both pre-operative and post-operative situations.

For the Face: The Compu-Lift lifts, tones and sculpts by working your face muscles. Along with the microcurrent and the our exclusive phyto-active serums you will see a huge reduction on fine lines, wrinkles, and tightens of your face every time.
1) Full micro-current facial lifting, scultping and contouring
2) Re-firming all facial muscles
3) Improved moisture retention
4) Increased elasticity and skin texture
Non-Invasive Totally, Painless Procedure using Micro-currents to stimulate each individual Facial Muscle causing it to Contract and Relax, resulting in a more Youthful and Toned Face.
For the Eyes: For those concerned about sagging eye muscles, dark circles & puffiness this system will give those tired looking eyes an instant boost with our intense eye-lifting treatment. Our compu-lift technology works on three levels:epidermal, sub-dermal, and muscular to provide you with results that will amaze you. This treatment will tighten, lift, tone, decongest and subside your under eye dark cirlces. Gentle and non-invasive, it is perfect prior to any special occasion, to make you look and feel your very best. Although an improvement can be seen after just one treatment, to effectively treat specific problems a series of treatments taken 1 to 2 times a week, followed by monthly maintenance sessions, might be necessary.
For the Breasts: This treatment firms the breasts muscles, enabling you to avoid invasive procedures. This treatment applies relaxing micro-currents waves, in order to get the muscles to become firm, toned, and yes, lifted again. This procedure is painless and great for those who want a lifting and firming effect. For best results a series of treatments may be required.

How does the treatment work?

Micro-currents work in harmony with the natural bioelectrical currents found in the body. They are able to reconstruct or re-educate muscle tissue, stretching or tightening as necessary, providing beneficial results.

Three phases are used during the treatment:

Phase 1: Stimulates lymph and blood circulation, oxygenates the skin and increases cellular turnover.

Phase 2: Consists of restoring initial tonus to muscles and stimulating the fibroblasts (collagen producers).

Phase 3: A specially formulated nutritive, antioxidant gel is used to provide vital nutrients essential to the production of elastin and collagen.

This complete treatment will achieve visible results on all three levels: epidermal, dermal, and muscular.

How do muscles lose their tone?

The body is a machine run by electrical impulses. Muscle and skin are related to this electrical system. Electrical stimuli slow down as we age and the skin loses its suppleness and elasticity while the underlying muscles lose their tone resulting in sagging skin.

How long before I see results?

Age, lifestyle and skin condition will determine the number of treatments needed to achieve the desired results. Improvement is generally seen immediately. A series of treatments is recommended to achieve lasting results.

If You Take Skin Aging Seriously, Than the Hollywood-lift (Compu-Lift) May Just Be What Your Looking For! The Compu-Lift Will Help To...

* Firm and tone facial muscles
* Increase elasticity
* Reduce lines and smooth wrinkles
* Refine skin texture
* Increase cell renewal
* Oxygenate the skin
* Nourishe the skin

Slow Cosmetics are an open invitation to join us in a gentle revolution...



Slow Cosmetics use only natural ingredients that are living (active) and bring something positive to the skin. Slow Cosmetics are not quick-fixes nor do they make use of inactive ingredients (mineral oils, silicones) and those ingredients whose toxicity are well known in the short or long term (parabens, ethoxylated compounds, coal tar dyes, formaldehydes...).

Slow Cosmetics do not create new needs for the skin or limit the number of products to use in keeping skin beautiful and healthy. Slow Cosmetics are not animal tested nor do they use animal by-products (urea for example). They do not promise the impossible and such cosmetics will invite us to both refocus and consider every act of a product consummation.

Slow Cosmetics are formulated without ingredients derived from synthetic chemistry or petro-chemistry and therefore their environmental impact will not leave deep footprints for tomorrows children to stumble upon. Slow Cosmetis use active "LIVE" ingredients that have undergone the least possible transformations. Slow Cosmetics use minimal packaging and promote recycling whenever possible.

Slow Cosmetics remind us of the authenticity and purity of plants and minerals from our Mother Earth  that are beneficial for our skin and, our state of mind. They invite us to enter into direct contact with Nature (breathe, explore, touch, walk, swim...). They do not use synthetic perfumes, fancy packaging, movie or media stars to promote or Photo-shopped marketing to seduce us

Slow Cosmetics are formulated by real people with a passion towards our Earth. They are people that have seen the fast-food cosmetic industry wreak havoc upon our peoples and Earth. Slow Cosmetics remind us of the benefits that Nature allows us to share and be well within.

Slow Cosmetics = Slow Beauty where one comes to be in "The Know" and that much of what ails us is directly linked to that of our lifestyle, the choice of what we put on and into our body and have convictions of patience towards healthy and sain goals.

"Come and join us for a gentle revolution, deep inside the world of Phyto-aroma Intelligent Cosmetics"

Want to wake-up beautiful? Well, sleep is more than just that and one can wake with a refreshed beauty that takes no effort, no one is looking, does not require fancy products don't have to lift a finger!

Here's five tips to get you started towards a restful beauty time...

1) Choose a satin cover for your favorite pillow. Why? A satin pillow case allows your hair and face to glide, helps reduce wrinkles naturally and prevent further wrinkles and for your hair - NO nasty knots in the morning. You'll wake with hair as pretty as you went to sleep and less split-ends to deal with.

2) Get soft hands and feet while you sleep. How? Use a rich body hydration cream or better yet, use a mix of organic vegetable butters (mango, shea) and generously apply to hands and feet. Once covered, put on a pair of organic bamboo, cotton or hemp gloves and socks and slide under your covers. You'll wake with ultra soft hands and tootsies. You can also find special gloves and night-time booties for this.

3) Apply a face mask, deep conditioning hair mask or spot acne cream and let the magic caress you over-night. Use as needed and be sure to cover your satin pillow case with a smooth cotton cover. Oh, don't forget to remove it before answering the doorbell in the morning or the mail carrier might have a startle.

4) Sleep on your back. Why? Sleeping on your stomach or side has shown that this will increase the wrinkle/aging factor faster. Sleeping on our back helps slow down the onslaught of wrinkles. If you can't sleep on your back then rotate sides or you'll end up with deeper wrinkles on only one side factor

5) Cut back water intake 1 hour prior to sleep. Why?The body requires less water intake as we sleep. Fact is, drinking too much water or other liquid prior to bedding down for the night will increase your risk of water retention that can attribute to dark circles and puffiness around the eyes not to mention possible bloat. Always start your day with more water intake and cutback water intake prior to rest. Your body will love you for it.

Bamboo Fusion is a new, relaxing form of massage that combines the techniques of Swedish massage and the benefits of soothing heat with the invigorating energy of bamboo and rattan. The bamboo is heated with an electric pad and used to literally ROLL and knead away the aches and pains of everyday stress.

Are you looking for deep tissue massage? Here is a wonderful way to get that deep tissue feel without the soreness that can often accompany traditional deep tissue massage. Each piece of Bamboo or rattan is carefully hand-crafted and shaped to glide smoothly over the body.

What are the benefits of Bamboo Fusion Massage?

1) Extreme sensation of relaxation and well-being

2) Relieves tightness in muscles and tendons

3) Regenerates and revitalizes tired aching muscles

4) Skin feels more supple

5) Allows for a more safe and effective deep tissue massage

6) Relaxes the body and mind

NOTE: Bamboo Fusion Massage is currently not covered by most medical or private insurance plans but is under revision for inclusion/acceptance by Canadian Massage Associations and Insurance groups.

Is Bamboo Fusion Massage right for you?

 XBamboo Fusion Massage is ideal for those wanting to try something new, invigorating, and deeply relaxing. If you like deep tissue massage, you are going to LOVE this new modality! 

While Bamboo Fusion Massage can be preformed on a variety of body types and sizes, it is not for everyone. 

If you have a serious illness (such as HIV/AIDS, Lupus, cancer, etc...), extremely sensitive skin, or bone loss (osteoporosis), you should opt to go with a more traditional type of massage or energy work.

Bamboo Fusion Background - Where did it all start?

One of the first people to develop a bamboo massage technique specifically for North American clients was Nathalie Cecilia, a certified Thai massage therapist currently living in Sarasota, Florida. Cecilia, originally from France, came to the United States five years ago. She discovered this approach when one of her larger male clients kept asking for deeper pressure on his upper trapezius muscles. "I was using a long bamboo pole to keep my balance when walking on my clients' backs sometimes [during a Thai massage session]," she says. "As I was working on this gentleman in a sitting position, my eyes caught the two bamboo poles that I used for the back walking. I had the idea to use one of the poles for tapotement on his upper trapezius. So I stood about six feet from him, tapping on his shoulders with this long stick, and he told me that it felt really great."

From that point on, Cecilia began developing new ways to integrate bamboo sticks into her practice, eventually using sticks of varying lengths and compositions, creating what she now calls Bamboo-Fusion massage. Shortly after she created this technique, other therapists started asking her how to incorporate bamboo sticks into their treatment sessions. Cecilia then created an entire massage routine using bamboo and rattan of different shapes and sizes. The routine is now documented and Cecilia is approved by the NCBTMB and the state of Florida to teach this modality to other therapists. She now teaches workshops across the United States and her technique is gaining popularity in other countries as well.

"While doing traditional massage, I experienced pain in my thumbs and wrists after only two months of opening my business," Cecilia says. "The Bamboo-Fusion technique allows you to easily adjust the pressure, making deep-tissue work easy. I can effectively palpate using the bamboo and am able to easily locate muscle tension and treat trigger points. Using bamboo is now like a continuation of my fingers. There is also a beautiful quality to the material; it has a luxurious feeling and both you and the clients feel very energized and revitalized, but also relaxed. Aesthetically, I've also noticed that the skin actually becomes more supple."

Cecilia's approach incorporates a large 12-inch bamboo stick that she uses to knead the muscles and do a crisscross technique that stretches the fascia in all directions. She also uses two short pieces of bamboo, cut in half, the size of her hand, to work more specifically in smaller areas, such as under the scapula. Her technique includes the use of oil or cream when doing a full-body massage on the table. She warms the bamboo sticks in a special heating pad before using them on her clients. "The bamboo is easy to heat and clean, unlike with hot stones since there isn't a Crock-pot or water involved," she explains. "With the heating device I use, the bamboo stays warm and clients love the heat, especially in cold climates."

What also distinguishes Cecilia's technique is that her bamboo sticks are custom-designed and made from bamboo and rattan, both ecological and sustainable resources. "The small wood pieces that I have cut in half are made with rattan [a climbing palm tree], since rattan is solid. They also fit easily in the palm of my hand, which makes it easy to apply deeper pressure. For the larger sticks, I use bamboo, which is a great tool to deliver long soothing strokes." Cecilia has her bamboo sets made by a local woodworker; in the early days, she actually created them herself.

What is Massage Therapy?


Experts estimate that upwards of ninety percent of disease is stress-related.

massage body muscle outline

If that crick in your neck won’t go away or you’ve thrown your back out again, you’ve probably thought of getting a massage. You know from experience what a relief a quick back rub from a friend or partner can be for sore muscles, especially at the end of a long day.

But what if your medical problems are more serious than a simple muscle kink?

Should you seek out a massage to ease the stress from your company’s downsizing? Would a massage improve your anorexic daughter’s body image, or help your premature infant to gain weight? Could it ease an asthmatic’s breathing difficulties, help an insomniac sleep, or improve an HIV patient’s immune function?

The answer to these questions appears to be an enthusiastic yes.

Spurred by anecdotal evidence, recent scientific studies of massage therapy are finding real benefits from the power of touch, which is taking its place alongside a host of alternative medicines.

The Hippocratic Rub?

Massage, a systematic manual application of pressure and movement to soft tissue, has a very long history. Rubdowns were considered a valuable medical tool as far back as the 5th century BC. The Greek physician Hippocrates wrote at the time that his colleagues should be well experienced “in rubbing . . . for rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose, and loosen a joint that is too rigid.”

Farther back on the evolutionary tree, chimpanzees, which share roughly 99.5% of the same DNA with humans, spend up to half their waking hours clustered in groups grooming each other. Mothers bond with their babies and adults form lasting attachments with each other through hours of massaging skin, picking fur, and scratching backs.

Laboratory animals that are touch-deprived have decreased levels of growth hormone and higher levels of stress hormones. Restoring touch, even by stroking the animals with a wet paintbrush, normalizes those animals’ hormone levels.

But in our own modern “rat race”society, have we humans lost the need for touch? Not at all, according to pediatric psychologist Tiffany Field of the Touch Research Institute. Field, who does most of her research at the University of Miami, says humans can suffer health setbacks without touch and gain health benefits with touch. Her studies show that, in addition to relieving a sore back, massage can relieve anxiety, depression, tension, and stress; help with headache, chronic pain, and digestive disorders; and encourage healing of almost any area in the body by promoting the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids, stimulating nerves, and loosening muscles and connective tissue to keep them elastic.

Some of Field’s most dramatic findings have been among children. In a landmark study of premature infants, her team showed that preemies given a 15-minute massage three times a day for 10 days while they were still in an incubator gained 47% more weight and were hospitalized for six fewer days than babies who weren’t massaged. Another study performed by Field’s group and published in 1998 showed that asthmatic children who were given a daily 20-minute bedtime massage had fewer asthma attacks and had better peak airflow than children who weren’t massaged. The benefits also extended in this case to the massage-givers: If the nightly rubdowns were performed by the parents, Field found that they suffered less anxiety over their children’s health.

Other researchers are finding that many seemingly dissimilar conditions can be improved through massage. From constipation to carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries to stress, and anorexia to arthritis, many human ills have been shown to improve with human touch.

"Nothing ages us faster, internally and externally, than high stress"

Massage is an effective tool for managing this stress, which translates into;

  • Decreased anxiety.
  • Enhanced sleep quality.
  • Greater energy.
  • Improved concentration.
  • Increased circulation.
  • Reduced fatigue.

"Massage can also help specifically address a number of health issues."

iCare Expert™ Bodyworks can;

  • Alleviate low-back pain and improve range of motion.
  • Assist with shorter, easier labor for expectant mothers and shorten maternity hospital stays.
  • Ease medication dependence.
  • Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow - the body's natural defense system.
  • Exercise and stretch weak, tight, or atrophied muscles.
  • Help athletes of any level prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts.
  • Improve the condition of the body's largest organ - the skin.
  • Increase joint flexibility.
  • Lessen depression and anxiety.
  • Promote tissue regeneration, reducing scar tissue and stretch marks.
  • Pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, improving circulation.
  • Reduce post-surgery adhesion and swelling. Reduce spasms and cramping.
  • Relax and soften injured, tired, and overused muscles.
  • Release endorphins—amino acids that work as the body's natural painkiller.
  • Relieve migraine pain.

Check OUT - Massage Therapy Services

Bamboo is easy to use with minimal set up and cleaning.  One can perform unique strokes (kneading, rolling, criss-cross movements) using the bamboo tools of various shapes and sizes. Clients feel the soothing warmth associated with the bamboo and also still feel our hands when doing many strokes, especially with the palm size pieces.  Well into the treatment, many clients often ask “when are you going to start using the bamboo?” XXX_GL can be both used with warm or cold Bamboo depending of the goal of the specialist and need of the client.

The same benefits are almost the same between Bamboo Fusion and Hot Stone. Major difference is that Bamboo Fusion can be done standing, sitting or laying where Hot Stone is for the most part, done laying on a table.

NOTE: Bamboo Fusion Massage at the moment is not recognized by the Canadian Massage Associations but is under review for inclusion in the near future that will then allow for insurance claims.

Hot Stone Massage uses (usually basalt stone) which are placed into a special Stone Heater which is filled with water. The water is typically heated to 50-53 degrees Celsius (122-127 degrees Fahrenheit). Once the stones have heated sufficiently, some are placed onto specific points on the body (such as the back, hands, etc.) and others are held by the massage therapist and used to work the muscles. Certain styles of Stone Massage also incorporate chilled stones into the routine. These stones are usually marble, and are placed into a bowl of iced water before use. A competent Stone Massage therapist will know when it is best to use hot stones and when it is best to use cold stones.

What is the Eurowave?

The Eurowave utilizes a pulsating faradic wave, to work out the targeted muscle group, producing a measurable difference after ONE session and usually a dress size reduction after a course of 10 treatments. This inch loss can be achieved any place the client chooses usually tums, bums, thighs, arms and bust are the first picks. An 18-minute session is completely effortless, and is equivalent to 200 sit-ups, without any muscle soreness the next day. This is an ideal treatment for anyone wanting an overall reduction or a specific stubborn area.

Eurowave - How Does it Work? The Eurowave utilizes Electrical Muscle Stimulation (E.M.S.) technology, specifically a 400Hz and 600Hz pulsating faradic wave, to penetrate deep core muscle, and achieve toning, shaping and tightening.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation was originally developed in the early 1970’s to reshape and tone the muscles of astronauts returning from space. The technology was progressed during the 1980’s and is now used regularly by Body Builders, Professional Athletes, Actors Physiotherapists, Medical Professionals as well as Beauty Therapists worldwide to achieve marked results.

There are three types of E.M.S. equipment. Personal (low voltage or battery powered) Professional (110/220v) and Medical (stationary)

Professional machines of which Eurowave is the market leader perform inch loss, and can lift and contour the body by actually building new muscle mass. The equipment is for use only by certified professional therapists, usually in beauty salons, spas, tanning salons or weight and inch loss centers.

Q: What are some specific applications?

• Jump start specific areas of the body after a prolonged period of inactivity
• Target specific muscles and exercise them vigorously
• Enhance results of an existing gym program
• Achieve immediate and significant inch loss
• Athletes and bodybuilders wanting to speed up the muscle building process
• Accelerated healing of sport-related injuries or treatment of specific muscle groups that cannot be exercised due to injury
• Women and men who lack the motivation to exercise regularly or whose careers limit opportunities for regular, prolonged workouts
• Women & Men who suffer from back pain due to weak core muscles
• Women who want to firm up muscles post pregnancy

Eurowave - What are the Benefits? With improved muscle tone, inch loss reduction and an overall increased feeling of well being listed among the many benefits, everyone loves the experience of the Eurowave treatment. With these results being sustainable for a 6 – 8 month period as long as no weight is gained, the benefits list is endless.

Frequently Ask Questions - NVEI SPA Etiquette and Service Policies.

We accept all major credit cards, cash and checks (VIP clients only may use checks).

Gratuities are at your discretion, but certainly always appreciated. Gratuities are not included in any service, gift certificate or package.

To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you book well in advance (2-4 weeks), especially for group bookings and weekends. For the bridal, grad and holiday seasons, it is suggested to book even further in advance.

Due to the overwhelming demand for our spa services, many people await appointments through cancellations. We ask that you please notify us a minimum of 24 hours before for single services, 48 hours for multiple treatments/spa packages and 72 hours for groups (2-4 people) prior to your appointment(s). If you are unable to keep your scheduled time it will be our pleasure to reschedule you should you. Group bookings (4 or more) require 7 days notice.

If this time requirement is not fulfilled, full services charges will still apply on any late cancellations or no show appointments.

A valid credit card is required for all reservations made online or via telephone excluding VIP Members. (VIP's if you use the online booking request you will need to enter your cc info)

Your card will not be charged for any fees prior to service(s) rendered except in the case as mentioned above.

1) Major Weather Shut Downs - Most severe storms are issued with enough notice in advance. We don't ask that you risk your life by any means. But take in mind, if your booking during the winter season that maybe good snow tires are a real plus to have. If driving, then please drive slow, listen to some good tunes, put the cell out of reach and use a hands-off device if you must. If your going to be late, advise us so that we can make adjustments or reschedule your appointment if needed.

2) Sickness - We don't just get sick at the last minute unless we ate something bad for the most part or have had an unfortunate accident, so we ask that if your feeling your coming down with something, please call or email to reschedule. Who knows, we may even have some good advice on how to fight it.

3) Family - We love our families as much as you do, so if they need you then please do. Just notify us within a minimum 24 hours for single services and 48 hours for packages unless a family crisis is at hand. We're human and well understand the responsibilities of family.

Telephone Confirmations: We do not provide telephone confirmations of appointments unless that is absolutely the only way you may be contacted. Please note on your calendar or somewhere convenient so that you are aware (telephone, electronic organizer or other) of your upcoming appointment, especially for services requiring more than 2 hours or double bookings.

We issue advanced-notice emails or direct text messages directly to your smart-phone or other device capable of email alerts 3-4 days in advance. This is a proven fail-safe method in modern today which is automated by one of the top 3 software systems designed especially for the salon/spa industry. Please make sure to use or provide a valid direct email address when booking online or over the phone. We highly suggest to not use your work email addresses or telephone numbers for contact due to many company policies unless authorized by you as the only form of contact. Our automated email service may be detected by your company policies as "spam" where our email alert may end up in your junk folders or blocked by your company servers.

Walk-in Service: At this time we unfortunately do not offer walk-in services.

We reserve the right to keep any deposit paid or charge your card as mentioned above in the event that sufficient notice is not given. This includes forfeiting of any vouchers, coupons or special arrangements.

We are sure that you will be amazed with both our services and products. If for any reason you are not happy, please let us know so that we can do our best to make it up to you.

Refund Policy

Services: should for any reason you are not satisfied with that of our service we kindly ask you too address this with management and they will do their best to insure both your satisfaction and smile :)

Make-up Products: All Sales Final.

Skin Care Products: All unopened products can be exchanged within 15 days of purchase.

Hand and Foot Care Products: All Sales Final.


Firstly, we want to insure you that your information released to us in confidentiality is secure with us and under no circumstances is this information shared or released without your written consent or by legal request.

Please let us know when you schedule your appointment if you are pregnant, have allergies, have recently been injured or have health concerns so we can advise you of the best choice of treatments. When you arrive at the institute, you will be asked to fill out a health form if you have not done so already. This will allow us to customize your treatment and make sure all methods used support your health and never cause harm. Treatments with heat are not advisable for pregnant women or guests with heart conditions or high blood pressure. Body treatments are not advisable for pregnant women or guests who have difficulty lying flat or turning over on the treatment table. If you have a cold or flu, we recommend you reschedule your spa treatments since massage of any kind, including massage in our body treatments and facials, increases circulation and the release of toxins. This combined with an immune system that is already overtaxed could make you feel MUCH worse.

Your  information provided is very important to the success of both your comfort and safety. We use the finest raw materials, essential oils and organic skin care products. The use of these materials have been both dermalogically tested (on humans and not on animals) and backed by valid historical, medical and scientific evidence. The power of these natural elements are of course not without risk under certain situations. We would be very happy to explain further in detail with you upon request.

This is where your personal history is not only your sole responsibility, but also critical to our deliverance of services and to insure your security. This is also a Health Canada and mandatory Insurance requirement of our institute.

Should you fail to disclose this information you may be putting your self at unnecessary risk.

If you wish to not fill in this required form, then we must inform you that unfortunately your request for service will be refused.

We thank you in advance for both your cooperation and confidence.

In terms of mainstream cosmetics this is a very debatable subject that many of us simply don't know what to believe or for that fact, even understand the terms used on labels. So lets give you some tools to help make the right decision when it comes to putting things on your face, or body for that matter.

If you want natural products, you have to be willing to search them out. Learn to read labels, and refuse to settle for half-natural hair and skin care. Below we've listed and described the "ten most wanted" that we most want to see off the labels of so-called natural hair and skin care products.

1) Imidazolidinyl Urea and Diazolidinyl Urea — These are the most commonly used preservatives after the parabens. They are well established as a primary cause of contact dermatitis (American Academy of Dermatology). Two trade names for these chemicals are Germall II and Germall 115. Neither of the Germall chemicals have a good anti-fungal, and must be combined with other preservatives. Germall 115 releases formaldehyde at just over 10°. These chemicals are toxic.

2) Methyl and Propyl and Butyl and Ethyl Paraben — Used as inhibitors of microbial growth and to extend shelf life of products. Widely used even though they are known to be toxic. Have caused many allergic reactions and skin rashes. Methyl paraben combines benzoic acid with the methyl group of chemicals. Highly toxic.

3) Petrolatum — I see this on lip products from time to time, which is humorous to me because they're usually advertised as protecting the lips from sunburn, chapping and so forth. Petrolatum is mineral oil jelly, and mineral oil causes a lot of problems when used on the skin photo-sensitivity (i.e., promotes sun damage), and it tends to interfere with the body's own natural moisturizing mechanism, leading to dry skin and chapping. You are being sold a product that creates the very conditions it claims to alleviate. Manufacturers use petrolatum because it is unbelievably cheap.

4) Propylene Glycol — Ideally this is a vegetable glycerin mixed with grain alcohol, both of which are natural. Usually it is a synthetic petrochemical mix used as a humectant. Has been known to cause allergic and toxic reactions.

5) PVP/VA Copolymer — A petroleum-derived chemical used in hairsprays, wave-sets and other cosmetics. It can be considered toxic, since particles may contribute to foreign bodies in the lungs of sensitive persons.

6) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate — This synthetic substance is used in shampoos for its detergent and foam-building abilities. It causes eye irritations, skin rashes, hair loss, scalp scurf similar to dandruff, and allergic reactions. It is frequently disguised in pseudo-natural cosmetics with the parenthetic explanation "comes from coconut."

7) Stearalkonium Chloride — A chemical used in hair conditioners and creams. Causes allergic reactions. Stearalkonium chloride was developed by the fabric industry as a fabric softener, and is a lot cheaper and easier to use in hair conditioning formulas than proteins or herbals, which do help hair health. Toxic.

8) Synthetic Colors — The synthetic colors used to supposedly make a cosmetic "pretty" should be avoided at all costs, along with hair dyes. They will be labeled as FD&C or D&C, followed by a color and a number. Example: FD&C Red No. 6 / D&C Green No. 6. Synthetic colors are believed to be cancer-causing agents. If a cosmetic contains them, don't use it.

9) Synthetic Fragrances — The synthetic fragrances used in cosmetics can have as many as 200 ingredients. There is no way to know what the chemicals are, since on the label it will simply say "Fragrance." Some of the problems caused by these chemicals are headaches, dizziness, rash, hyperpigmentation, violent coughing, vomiting, skin irritation by a cosmetic that has the word "Fragrance" on the ingredients label.

10) Triethanolamine — Often used in cosmetics to adjust the pH, and used with many fatty acids to convert acid to salt (stearate), which then becomes the base for a cleanser. TEA causes allergic reactions including eye problems, dryness of hair and skin, and could be toxic if absorbed into the body over a long period of time.

Conclusion: Look for natural ingredients in the products you buy. Do not use cosmetics that are artificially colored. Is the shampoo bright green or blue? Very likely it contains a coal tar color. Does the product contain synthetic fragrances? Don't buy it. You may find that some of your allergy problems will suddenly disappear when you no longer use cosmetics formulated with petrochemicals and other synthetics.

For more information on toxic chemicals and ingredients in your products, please visit...

Green Ethics

The Dirty Dozen Plus

Safe Cosmetics Skin Deep Data Base

Please let your iCare Specialist know of any medical health conditions, allergies, medications, or if you are using any skin thinning products (such as glycolic or retinol products), if you recently went tanning, had cosmetic injections or if you require any special care for the duration of your services, as even the smallest conditions can interfere with your treatment.

It is important that if any medical history changes between visits that you update your records with your attendant. It is your responsibility to inform us of changes in your medical history or further requirements in order to guarantee both your safety and most of all, your comfort!

Our principle focus beyond your comfort is the safety of your person, but it does not stop there. NVEI is committed to ensuring your safety and peace of mind including that of our employees and environment. Some of our procedures are:

  • One-time use make-up applicators, nail files and implements wherever possible
  • Individual product portions used wherever possible
  • We make use of UV Sterilizers for all reusable tools
  • Service areas are cleansed/sterilized before/after each service rendered
  • Spa Footwear is one use per client than sterilized/washed before next use
  • Manicure bowls and pedicure bowls are cleansed per Canada Health Department and Spa Industry standards with the highest level of environmentally safe chemo-sterilization
  • Comprehensive training for all employees in cross contamination management and spa treatment protocols
  • Medical History Release Forms/Health questionnaires are required for all guests to fill in prior to service rendered
  • Ingredient lists available for those with allergy concerns

As our guest, we want you to experience the highest level of satisfaction from your experience with NVEI. Our iCare Specialists are passionate about what they do and strive to meet your every need while encouraging you to express any adjustments before or during your services.

Whether it is the pressure of your massage, music volume, or your nose is itching, informing your iCare Specialist of key concerns both prior to and during treatments will help to insure all of your requests and needs have been met.

We recommend wearing that which makes you comfortable. Remember, your here to both relax and have results. If you so desire, we will provide you with a either a body wrap, robe or both during your services.

For bodyworks and massage services, we recommend receiving your treatment without restrictive clothing. We always make sure there is proper draping and only the areas which will be massaged will be exposed. This gives your iCare Specialist the freedom to massage your body in a flowing manner without restrictive clothing. For most bodyworks services we recommend only wearing your undergarments/underwear. For certain services, such as a body wraps and exfoliations we will provide you with disposable undergarments.

Chez NVE Institute, our consumer Code of Conduct or "Spa Etiquette" dictates your rights and responsibilities as a guest so that you can enjoy a truly satisfying experience.


As an NVEI Guest, it is your responsibility to;

● arrive a minimum 15 minutes before your treatment time: This allows you to change, fill in any required forms, enjoy a refreshing beverage and wind down with a little "ME-Time" in our luxurious and intimate relaxation area.

● communicate your preferences, expectations and concerns.

● communicate complete and accurate health information and reasons for your visit.

● treat staff and other guests with courtesy and respect.

● use products, equipment and therapies as directed.

● engage in efforts to preserve the tranquility of the institute environment.

● adhere to the institute’s published policies and procedures.

As a Guest of NVEI, our "Consumer Transparency" policy give you the right to;

● a clean, safe and comfortable environment.

● stop a treatment at any time, for any reason.

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● information regarding staff training, licensing and certifications.

● access information about our "green" ethics and policies.

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If you need to use your phone or electronic device we kindly ask that you use this outside of the lounge/service areas away from all clients in order to respect both their relaxation and comfort.

NVEI welcomes those 17 years of age and over, and teens 13 to 16 years of age when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Our spa environment is unsuitable for children ages 12 and under, including infants. Health information(medical release form) is required by law from all guests regardless of age. A parent must provide written permission for massage therapy for teens 13 to 16 years of age and the parent must remain in the room during the massage service.

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Healthcare insurance coverage covers Therapeutic Massages performed by Registered Massage Therapists only. Please note your need in the case of massage therapy the requirement for a certified RMT and need for a receipt at booking and again, at check-in. We do not do direct billing for insurance claims and is the sole responsibility of the client to process claims and insure they have all the proper information required.

IMPORTANT: All of our staff are highly trained in many disciplines. Our iCare Specialists can perform many variants of massage therapy but only that of certified RMT's are able to issue receipts for insurance claims.

Once again, if you require an RMT, you must specify this at the time of your booking request. If you arrive for your service and are in need of an RMT for massage therapy but was not specified at the time of your booking, we will therefore not be able to guarantee an RMT availability.

Frequently Ask Questions - Skin Care Myths: There are so many misconceptions floating around out there no wonder many of us don't believe, and with the consumer demanding more knowledge with the use of today's technology, we're here to share what we know to be true! You'll enjoy this one!

FALSE: We all know that tanning is unhealthy and can lead to skin cancer and premature aging.  The main issue with suntanning beds is they expose your skin to more concentrated doses of aging UVA rays (the cancer causing and skin aging rays) than you'll get in direct sunlight. If you are concerned about anti-aging for the skin, it is advised to avoid sun tanning beds.

Here's some more information on the effects of tanning beds and booths?

• Overexposure to natural or artificial UV rays can cause eye injury, premature aging of the skin, rashes and inflammations, and can increase your chances of developing skin cancer.

• UVA rays are not safer than UVB rays as many tanning bed companies claim. UVA and UVB rays both damage the skin they just do so in different ways. UVB rays impact the surface of the skin while UVA rays penetrate to deeper layers. Both burn, UVA rays only burn deeper.

• Regular, long-term exposure to UV rays, be they from the sun or from artificial sources increases your risk of developing skin cancer. Two types of skin cancer, basal cell and squamous cell, are treatable if detected early enough but melanoma, another type of skin cancer, can be fatal.

• Too much exposure to UV rays can damage the retina which requires tanning salon owners to make sure all customers to wear protective eye wear. Studies have proven that overexposure to UVA rays can burn the cornea, and that in time this damage can actually change the structure of the lens making it cloud and form possible cataracts. Untreated cataracts can lead to blindness. Simply closing your eyes, wearing ordinary sunglasses, or covering your eyes with a towel or cotton will not properly protect your cornea from the type of UV radiation found in tanning booths.

• Regular exposure to the UV rays found in tanning booths can increase the type of damage done to your skin by ordinary sunlight.

• Unprotected exposure to UV rays results in premature aging of your skin. This means wrinkles and dark spots people! Skin that has suffered UV damage in youth often appears dry, wrinkled, and leathery in middle age.

• Tanning booths do not dry up acne or help scars to heal and fade, in fact they can make both conditions worse. The drying effects of UV rays can cause your skin to overproduce oil (sebum) and this can actually make you break out more as there is now more oils on the skin waiting to clog your pores. As for scars, exposure to UV light can make new wounds scar with a darker color and can make old scars stand out even more.

• While cellulite on tanned skin does appear less noticeable the UV rays involved in tanning can actually make the problem worse with time. By breaking down the skin and making it thinner and less resilient tanning can make cellulite on untanned skin look worse - a vicious circle!

Tanning booth companies often say that they are filtering out the so-called "sunburn" UVB rays  but when you go to a tanning booth, you're still exposing your skin to UVA rays, which penetrate deeper into the skin and cause damage that can lead to premature aging and the development of skin cancers.

Whether you tan in the sun or in tanning booths, studies have shown that when combined with certain medicines, birth control pills, cosmetics, and soaps UV rays can actually accelerate skin burns or produce painful adverse skin reactions.

FALSE: An SPF #30 actually offers less than 4% more protection than an SPF #15. The keys to good sun protection are to apply sunscreen generously, reapply often, and avoid the sun during peak hours.


There are three kinds of ultraviolet (UV) rays: UVA, UVB and UVC. UVA rays penetrate the skin fairly deeply, altering our pigmentation to produce a tan. UVB rays are the primary sunburn rays. These rays also damage our skin's DNA and cause photo-aging, pigment changes, and carcinomas (cancerous tumors). UVC rays are absorbed by the atmosphere and don't make it to the ground.

The SPF on a sunscreen refers to the amount of protection the product offers from UVB rays or sunburns.  Many sunscreens, therefore, need to offer protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Broad spectrum means protection against UVA and UVB. Look for an SPF of at least 15 and one of the following ingredients: mexoryl, oxybenzone or avobenzone (Parsol 1789) for UVA protection, or titanium dioxide or zinc oxide (which block both UVA and UVB).

T he Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking steps to help protect consumers from skin damage caused by excessive sun exposure.

The measures include the following:

• final regulations that establish standards for testing the effectiveness of sunscreen products and require labeling that accurately reflects test results

• a proposed regulation that would limit the maximum SPF value on sunscreen labeling to “SPF 50+”

• a data request for safety and effectiveness information for sunscreen products formulated in certain dosage forms (e.g., sprays)

• a draft guidance for sunscreen manufacturers on how to test and label their products in light of these new measures.

These measures are necessary, says Lydia Velazquez, PharmD, in FDA’s Division of Nonprescription Regulation Development, because “our scientific understanding has grown. We want consumers to understand that not all sunscreens are created equal.”

“This new information will help consumers know which products offer the best protection from the harmful rays of the sun,” Velazquez says.  “It is important for consumers to read the entire label, both front and back, in order to choose the appropriate sunscreen for their needs.”

Everyone is potentially susceptible to sunburn and the other detrimental effects of exposure to UV radiation.

FALSE: Even on a cloudy day, UV radiation from the sun reaches the earth's surface. So make sure you use sunscreen every day, and reapply every two hours and reapply after swimming or sweating.

The UVB rays (the ones that cause your skin to burn) aren't as strong in the winter months; therefore your skin is at less risk for a sunburn. UVA rays (the ones that cause skin aging and skin cancer), however, are approximately the same strength year round. Sunscreen is not a luxury, but a must in todays day and age.

Choose wisely your sunscreen. For more information on safe sunscreens please visit EWG's 2012 Sunscreen Guide

When we scrub our face, we are in fact removing some of the protective oils and barriers, which in turn can lead to rashes, burns or breaks in the skin that can lead to further problems. Some soaps contain harsh chemicals which can create irritations or even damage the skin so always use gentle fragrance-free cleansers followed by a moisturizer with SPF or sunscreen.

FALSE "The truth is, even though it feels really good to release the pus, in fact what you are doing is forcing contamination in deeper. Popping pimples if fact causes more inflammation that can lead to scarring and spread deeper under the skin. That's why you'll get another one a few days later, close to the first one."

It's crucial that you stop picking and popping. If you absolutely cannot resist, be sure to use an extractor and do it right. We highly suggest seeing a professional for extractions rather than attempt this yourself. DON'T SQUEEZE AND POP!

If you must, use a comedone extractor which is an inexpensive tool that can be purchased at most beauty supply stores but as stated above, it is highly suggested to leave it to a skin care professional rather than risk injury or damage to the skin. If you still wish to do this yourself, then take your sterilized (use isopropyl alcohol or vodka if you don't have isopropyl alcohol) comedone tool and apply firm pressure (or ask your skin care professional to show you how if they are willing), then roll across the pimple to take it out.

TRUE/FALSE: Depending on your skin type and condition, certain facials can actually cause acne breakouts rather than help, especially those in that are acne prone. New technology such as Photo-LED, is both non-invasive and medically proven to work, especially with bacterial acne conditions. This is an example of one type of facial that can be performed even more than once a month. Same goes for aromatherapy and phytotherapy facials.

Your skin is delicate and fragile, so facials are to take this into consideration and should never ever be aggressive, painful or produced increased discomfort/sensitivity. Special treatment facials though can be good for problematic skin types when performed by a certified seasoned professional. ("Seasoned" means that the professional has a minimum 5 years experience performing facials and well understands the functions of both skin and body).

Before adapting any facial program it is always suggested to have a skin consultation with a qualified professional. Knowing your skin and it's requirements are half the battle required towards healthy glowing skin.

Don't just do a facial for the sake of doing a facial!

FALSE: This is simply not true! Many quality skin care products can be obtained without breaking your pocket-book or imposing toxic chemicals.

Most active ingredients found in mass-surface anti-aging creams are quite similar, whether they are sold by a local store or a fancy boutique. Expensive skin care products can be good too, of course, if your budget permits such luxury.

For the most part, high-end (pricey) products are only fancy bottles, marketing and packaging and If you want to pay that it's totally up to you.

FALSE: Most mass-produced/major label wrinkle creams simply hydrate the skin while plumping wrinkles out, making them temporarily look better. Don't buy into the mass-market hype though - remember, there are no quick-fixes or magical over-night treatments!

True, there are some products on the market that can help improve the appearance of fine-lines and wrinkles. Such products typically contain topical retinoids "Retinol" or "Tretinoin" where some natural products contain Phyto actives obtained from plants that even have the capacity to mimic that of Botox.

Some studies have shown these type of products to be fairly effective at treating acne, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and reversing the effects of photo-aging, or sun damage.

FALSE: There are many different types of lasers being marketed today. They all do different things and make claim to wonderful results. Some can help with sun spots, some with wrinkles. Some can even go deep and activate collagen. Take in mind, there all marketed so much that many people think it'll make you into a new, younger person.

While lasers are much better than they were a few years ago, today they are producing more positive results with fewer and fewer side effects, BUT, and here's the "BUT" - YOU still need to be realistic about what they can actually do. In other words, if you've done intensive damage to your skin, there's only so much that can be done.

Bottom line, when it comes to skin care tips and anti-aging strategies the best and most successful method is to stay out of the sun, use a good sunscreen every day and throughout the day and most of all, choose your products wisely.

FALSE: If the skin feels tight after washing, it is a sign that the skin has been stripped of all of its water, and this will cause dead skin cell buildup on the surface. Then you have to put your moisturizer on to restore the moisture that you just removed - which makes absolutely no sense!

Bar soaps (even if they say that they are moisturizing), cleansers that bubble up and lather like shampoo, and anything that leaves your skin feeling tight are an absolute no-no! The most important part of your entire routine is what you wash with and how you wash. The wrong products or wrong way of washing your skin will make or break the rest of your routine!

FALSE: We've had many clients through the years who are skeptical about getting facials because they have had them at other places and have broken out afterwards or have had a painful experience.

If you are getting a professional facial appropriate for your skin type, a facial should never encourage breakouts nor should your facial ever be painful.

FALSE: With over 30 years of experience in this industry, this is one of the most far-fetched myths we've ever come across. On extremely rare occasions, discomfort is a probability, but only based on the following circumstances:

1) You are on a medication which you failed to communicate clearly about with your iCare Specialist. If we don't know, one can not expect us to read minds.

2) You have a medical condition that increases your chances of sensitivity.

3) You are allergic to something being used, whether you are aware or not.

4) Extractions - This should never be painful when performed by a seasoned professional, but discomfort is a high probability.

This is why a medical release form is your guarantee towards both your comfort and security.

Client: "It stings/hurts!!!" Technician: "That's very normal, don't worry it'll stop soon!

Don't let anyone ever tell you that your discomfort during any type of facial is normal. It it does not feel good or comfortable upon your skin, then chances are it's not good for you and may be more damaging to the health of your skin than truly beneficial no matter what the professional says.

FALSE: Free radicals are now believed by most medical researchers to be the bottom line of disease and aging, contributing not only to wrinkles, but to acne, sensitivity, age spots, dryness, loss of skin elasticity, and skin cancer.

By reducing the amount of free radicals that your body creates (reduce your sun exposure, find a release for stress, and get enough rest), and most of all - incorporating the daily use of good sunscreens, topical antioxidants along with a balanced high antioxidant diet will control how fast your skin and body ages to a greater degree.

"I don't like to use toners because they dry out my skin." We hear this comment a lot and this is fact due to the amount of SD Alcohol 40 found in most toners on the market today which is extremely drying to the skin and will encourage dry skin cell build up. But toners that are alcohol-free (like all of the Camaieu Perfuma toners) will not strip the skin, and are a crucial step in a good skin care regimen. They remove cleanser residue, chlorine/chloramine found in tap water (a great reason to switch to a water-less cleanser like that of Camaieu Perfuma Cleansing Milk, and when the toner is left damp on the skin, your moisturizer will seal in the water and the active ingredient(s) - Result: healthier and more hydrated skin.

FALSE: What oily skin doesn't need is heavy and greasy oil-based moisturizers but water-based or light cream/gel moisturizers are necessary to keep the skin cells healthy, discourage dead skin cell buildup. Some moisturizers such as that of Camaieu Perfuma's Hydration Complex or Regulator Complex in fact can help balance while at the same time feed the skin with healthy vegan micro-nutrients.

FALSE: The binders that hold a bar of soap together are in an alkaline base (high pH balance) which will strip all the water and natural moisture out of the skin which in fact causes the surface of the skin to dehydrate. Also, if your bathing/showering in hot water beyond 5-7 minutes you  are not helping your skin hydration what-so ever as you are actually dehydrating your skin - that's right, those wrinkled hands and feet are severely dehydrated people!

Your skin cells need to stay moist in order to be healthy; without water, acne conditions and sensitive skin will be aggravated. "Moisturizing" bar soaps and any kind of bar soap (even if it is an expensive one) will strip and dehydrate the skin. Use a sulfate-free gel cleanser for the body which is an excellent soap substitute and for the face try Camaieu Perfuma's Water-less Cleansing Milk.

FALSE: If you believe this myth, and wash your skin hard and frequently, you can actually make your acne worse. ACNE IS NOT CAUSED BY DIRT OR SURFACE SKIN OILS. (Greasy environments can flair acne up, therefor cleansing during the day may be needed, especially if working in a restaurant cook area)

Although excess oils, dead skin and a day's accumulation of dust on the skin looks unsightly, they should not be removed by hand scrubbing. Vigorous washing and scrubbing will actually irritate the skin and make acne worse.

Best approach to hygiene and acne: Gently wash your face twice a day with a natural cleansing milk such as Camaieu Perfuma's Cleansing Milk or a mild unscented soap (the more natural, the better - avoid so-called moisturizing soaps), pat dry and use an appropriate acne treatment if required.

FALSE: Extensive scientific studies have not found a connection between diets and acne. In other words, food does not cause acne in moderation. Then again, if your only eating junk, then your system will surly let you know in a number of ways including acne.

Nonetheless, if you find that after eating certain foods that your acne flairs up or becomes more apparent, then in this case, avoid those foods. Eating a balanced diet always makes sense. Take in mind, our natural recovery and digestive systems are very efficient processing non-modified food stuffs (GMO, chemically enhanced or with chemical residues) where many people can be sensitive to such tainted food stuffs and not just those with acne tendencies.

Yes, acne does affect the way people look, but it is not a serious threat to a person’s physical health.

However, acne can result in permanent physical scars, especially if one is popping or playing with the irritations. In severe cases, acne and acne scars affects the quality of the persons life, and true, sometimes it is not the acne that is the problem, but rather the onlooker.

The truth is, acne can be cleared up. If the acne products you have tried haven’t worked, consider seeing a dermatologist or your general doctor.

With all the products and services available today, there is no reason why anyone has to endure acne or get acne scars.

A skin care line geared toward acne is designed to fight bacteria and dry out breakouts. For cases where someone (such as a teenager) whose skin is with severe acne, this may be appropriate, but caution is needed to insure the product line is 100% beneficial and not all about the acne. Many product lines like this are mostly based on alcohol and salicylic acid (found in ASA or Aspirin). Many so-called acne medications also carry contradictions and/or possible adverse reactions. In some cases even possible health risks are or can be associated with acne medications. Always investigate, read-up, ask lots of questions and verify that any of the above options are truly what is required.

For most people who get occasional breakouts many acne products can actually make the situation worse. Such products as these are extremely drying, and although they will dry up and heal individual breakouts, they will over-dry other areas, resulting in dead skin cell buildup creating even more breakouts.

This cell buildup acts as a barrier that actually traps oil under the skin, causes more clogged pores and breakouts. The three most important elements for controlling clogged pores and breakouts are:

1) Exfoliation (this will remove dry skin cells to unclog pores and also help fade those red, post-breakout marks)

2) Disinfecting (it is important to eliminate bacteria to help prevent the spread of breakout as well as to dry up infection)

3) Hydration (use of water-based moisturizers or botanical complexes to keep cells healthy and discourage dry skin cell buildup).

For exfoliation, we recommend Camaieu Perfuma's "Gommax" (used one week on, one week off or as directed by your iCare Specialist) along with Camaieu Perfuma's Lavender Mist toner. For disinfecting the skin, try Camaieu Perfuma's Lavender Mist which is truly a wonderful product that promotes balanced skin along with helping disinfecting and toning the skin.  For hydration, try Camaieu Perfuma's Regulator Complex and for spot treatments, anti-cyst ( to avoid cysts, never play, pop or scratch pimples) or over-night spot treatments we suggest Camiaeu Perfuma's "Gommax". We also suggest Jane Iredale's "Zap & Hide" spot treatment for women under their daily make-up.