Phyto Aroma - The Pure Essence of Intelligent Cosmetics - An obvious choice!

Powered by Nature

orchid-bulletPhyto = Plant Extracts: Vegetable oils, aloe vera, clays, vegetable butters, floral waters and extracts,...

orchid-bulletAroma = Plant Essences: Otto Rose absolute, frankincense resin, vetiver, citrus expressions,...

Cosmetics =

greened Emulsions: Aqueous (oil in water), oil (water in oil),...
greened Inactive ingredients: Vegetable oils, aloes gel, clays, honey, sorbitol, floral waters,...
greened Active ingredients: Essential oils, vegetable oils rich in EFA (essential fatty acid), vitamins, minerals, aloes gel,...
greened Surfactants: Soy lecithin, alginate, clays (used as thickeners),...
greened Conservatives / Anti-Oxidants / Antiseptic: Ester (hydroxybenzoic acid), AHA, sorbic acid, grapefruit seed, green tea extract, essential oils
greened Dyes; May contain some plant pigments: carotenoids, chlorophylls, anthocyanins, chamazulene,...
greened Perfumes / Fragrances: Essential oils.

Intelligent =

The art of using the finest and safest of ingredients from nature towards health, beauty and skin wellness in perfect synergies. Thanks to the exceptional quality of the natural materials found in our skin care products, these products actually help the skin retain or restore its health, beauty and well being. All products sold or used are subtly balanced to promote optimum tolerance of the skin with each component being carefully selected based on several key criteria;

greened Origin of the plant (chemotype identification/certification CTEO): Location of production is thus selected around the world for the richness and originality of the flora and quality of the environment.
greened Farming Methods: Organic, wild-crafted or conventional (respecting the integrity of the plant): The plants are carefully picked at the best time of their growth cycle and then undergo a process of distillation to extract the best essential oils, floral waters and extracts
greened Ingredients: Top quality, extra pure, therapeutic grade essential oils and botanical extracts.
greened Maximum Assimilation / Absorption: Thanks to the careful choice of raw materials and know-how, our natural methods of application-specific protocols within the law of absorption through the skin brings optimum efficiency.
greened Integrity, Purity, Quality: The ingredients found in products offered or used throughout our professional services are 100% active, 100% natural, 100% assimilable
greened Safety Concerns: Safe for the individual, professionals and environment
greened Holistic approach to well-being: Because of their olfactory components, essential oils are of great interest to science. This is particularly interesting from the powers of pure aromas that stimulate natural hormonal processes to secrete hormones of well being and endorphins just by breathing of the aromas.

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