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ecofriendlyThe depth of green business ethics and personal wellness is something that many mainstream companies and industries fear on multiple levels and has many resorting to the use of terms such as "green, eco, organic, natural, bio" while still being far from the truth of the term, thus it is more an act of "green washing" or "green marketing" to win over consumer confidence. Something we choose not to be part of, nor do we endorse such companies. We choose to educate our guests, their friends and that of their families towards making healthy and wise choices with their personal wellness.

The cosmetic industry is being faced with great changes as consumers become more aware and self-conscious towards safe and healthy choices. Over the last number of years we have seen the onslaught of this consumer awakening, a sort of evolution within a revolution. It's time for change; we as business owners would rather be part of the long term solution, then part of the global problem.

greenedAs a business within the cosmetic wellness industry, we long ago addressed major concerns towards products, treatments and twisted marketing. Our green ethics, or should we say "Earthly-ethics" is about the freedom of choice, a choice we choose to work with and share within the wealth of nature's offerings in an ecologically sustainable and tangible manner.

Today, more and more news reports are surfacing of major chemical toxins found in cosmetics, blotched cosmetic surgeries, horrific animal testing and animal by-products. Next time you reach for that glitter nail polish - ask yourself this, is the glitter obtained from natural non-animal sources or fish scales? More than ever, consumers are demanding transparency, especially online. The average computer user has been conditioned to ignore any internet advertising that smacks of anything less than 100% candor. Rather than fearing the implications, we view this as a unique opportunity to forge a lasting, meaningful relationship with our guests. Besides, being green is eco-kool!

Toxic Burden - Women can put up to 515 chemicals on their bodies everyday!!!

Just how much is 1% of an ingredient such as phenoxyethanol in a product? I think Dr. Zoltan Rona M.D., M.Sc. restated it best:

“Now, what is 1% when it comes to a bottle of a lotion? 1% means 2 grams of pure 100% phenoxyethanol per 200 ml bottle of a lotion, a shampoo or a fragrance. It’s almost a teaspoonful! Does it make any difference if you rub it at once all over your body or you spread the damage and massage the toxin a drop at a time over a couple of months? It will end up inside your body in any case. Instead of a quick kill, you are simply opting for a slow kill.

chemical burden

An average female consumer of cosmetics and female sundries can absorb up to 2 pounds of toxins in just one month. Now, factor in what you put on your kids, how many times you reapply/touch up your makeup or lipstick in a day, how many times you wash your hands, and how many times you put lotion on your skin. Then include your nighttime regiment: facial washes, facial creams, night creams, lotion, soap, etc. We are only talking about you. Think about how much you are using a day and then think about how many drops of just one of these toxins such as pure phenoxyethanol that you are absorbing. Do you think you are reaching the 60 drops a day? Our guess would be ‘yes’ when you can easily consume almost 20 drops in just basic products while getting ready for work. There’s also food that uses this ingredient as a preservative; you’re likely ingesting it daily, yet you can’t keep 100% track of the amounts.

Kind of scary to think that you are getting the governments so-called "maximum safety limit" in just one day. Toxins don’t just leave your body naturally—that’s why they’re toxins. They stay in your body. After days, weeks, months, and years of using these products, how much do you think you will accumulate. furthermore, what is it doing to your body. Now if we look at what is washing down the drains and back into the water supplies, it wouldn't be hard to understand the environmental chaos faced before us. Many of these companies state this "There is no concern; we adhere to government approved acceptable limits". As far as we're concerned, who gave our governments the right to allow even the smallest amount of these toxins to be used? Your body is the only vessel that you have 100% full control over - isn't it time to say no not only towards what toxins we apply on our body, but to that of our children and Gaia (our mother earth) towards generations to come.

In closing...

greenedWe have chosen to co-exist with the world of nature through phyto-aroma sciences of cosmetology to avoid such toxic contamination through waste. Most important of all, contamination of guests and staff is something we are very concerned about and take pride in knowing we are not only safe towards you, but us and our earth.

greenedWe recycle, reuse and insure our waste through service is ecologically sound and bio-degradable. We wash and sterilize all with proven ecologically sound and safe manners. For us, it's not through obligation that we choose to be green, nor fear; it is but of pure pleasure in knowing that we can sleep sound at night because it feels good about offering safety in our day to day business.

"Be Eco-Kool, be proud and true to yourself"

From a philosophical perspective, it is ethical that each part of life realize its true potential - that each part of life become that which it was intended to be. This is as true for human beings as it is for all of Nature's creatures. To achieve our intended purpose, there must be an essential balance with Gaia (mother earth). In the absence of the intrinsic harmony implicit between each part of life, many ecological problems begin to arise. As David Suzuki observes in his book The Sacred Balance, we need to rediscover our place in Nature.

Through our loss of a worldview, our devotion to consumerism and our move into the cities and away from nature, we have lost our connection to the rest of the living planet. "David Suzuki"

Since human beings have Free Will, we can choose to ignore Nature's laws and continue to destroy our environment by our ignorance, pride and insatiable desires, or we can, as Thomas Berry says, find a new story. We can share this Earth with all of the planet's life in a harmonious and sustainable way if we can find intelligent solutions and make the necessary efforts to get there.

Concern should drive us into action and not into a depression. No man is free who cannot control himself. "Pythagoras"

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