Welcome to NVEI!

Time for some luxury ME-Time! Here at NVEI, we only have one concern; YOU and your absolute wellness! We firmly believe that nature has the power to not only beautify and protect the largest organ you own, but also to insure our health as we age with grace. If it's a private and intimate pampering you seek; or natural non-invasive age management and organic skincare, then you've finally found the right place.

Come, let our NVEI iCare Experts™ treat you with fine European luxuries and see why many of Edmonton's elite have made this their secret home away from home.
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Because we care about what we put on your body!

Our guarantee is simple; if it's not safe for us, then it's not safe for you. Nature is more that a mere key to our existence.

Our modern societies today have induced into our beliefs that there's a quick fix for everything, yet many of us question and wonder about "what if"

When it comes to building trust, it's our duty to look beyond transparency into what consumers really want from brands and services.

Here at NVEI, the "what if'" is fully answered. We stand firm behind "Consumer Transparency" - it's your right to know.

We've taken the time to look at everything we do, use and dispose of. "GREEN " solutions insure your time with us is truly a moment to remember without concern.

iCare Experts
NVE iCare ExpertsAs wellness iCare Experts™, it's our pleasure to help you overcome the stresses of day to day routines and warmly welcome you into a world of "natural" choices towards health, age management and over-all wellness.
We're not your typical providers of services, we are your confidants, educators and most of all; we are individuals just like you that simply care about everything we do.
Intimate and luxurious European pampering - it's all about you!
Come, let us make you feel at home, ease your sorrows, enlighten your desires and safely pamper you within a charming and intimate environment.
iCare Reservation Desk: Call 780 628 2056
or you can make a reservation request by following this link "Online Booking"