How to Choose the Right Spa Treatment

Aging with graceThere are so many different kinds of spa treatments that many people are completely unaware of. Many quality spa treatments have treated everything from allergies to back pain, headaches to insomnia. For the most part, many people go to simply unwind and relax. But a spa visit can be so much more than just relaxation. At NVEI, one of our principle goals is to take each person in as the individual they are and warmly welcome them into our world of all natural goodness.

For your reference, we've put together a basic guide of the more popular spa treatments, services and tips. Below you will find basic advice on how to choose or understand a spa treatment or service that is right for you! So, let's get started...

    1. Know your desired outcome. Knowing the goal of any spa treatment helps towards bringing both satisfaction and rewards. In other words, are you seeking a spa treatment for relaxation and to rid unwanted stress? Or perhaps to gain more energy? Many clients come to us for the outcome of clearer skin or age management, such as in getting an organic facial or anti-aging treatment. These two goals require different services; therefore know beforehand so you can communicate this with our iCare Specialists.
    2. Have meaningful communications with your hostess/specialist. As stated in step 1, communicate the ultimate goal and desired outcome with your specialist. It is helpful to communicate any discomforts you may have or problem areas that you want special attention focused on. It is also extremely important to be honest with your medical questionnaires so that your specialist can assure you of both your comfort and outcome. We reserve the right to verify your forms with you and wish to assure you that your information with us is private between you and your specialist. Management will be consulted with on a need per basis always only and always in direct consideration for both your comfort and security.
    3. This also includes the amount of pressure applied during massage, remember, while we are not RMT's, our specialists do attain both constant "flow" and suitable pressure towards stress and tension relief. Should we note that you can benefit from a certified RMT massage we will be very happy to refer you to a quality establishment to meet your therapeutical needs. Most Swedish massages or relaxation massages are not medically therapeutical, they do on the other-hand offer a non-invasive therapeutical benefit with suitable for relaxation and escape. Understanding the source of your massage requirements sometimes acknowledges need for lifestyle changes Some specialized massages can also be offered such as those intended for lymphatic drainage, cellulite loss, weight loss or reflexology.
    4. Know what to expect. The most common are:
      • Facials: We take great pride in offering organic, non-invasive facials with safe and glowing results. We only use the highest quality, non-animal tested natural extracts, essential oils, vegan butters and products from around the world. Speak with your iCare Specialist to help match you with the exact facial to meet your needs.
      • Aromatherapy: This basic term refers to the therapeutic use of essential oils based on the specific healing property of each oil in such treatments as organic facials, massages, diffusions, body wraps and soaks.
      • Aloetherapy: This basic term refers to the therapeutic use of aloe vera, clays and essential oil mixtures based on the specific healing property of each in such treatments as organic facials, body exfoliation, scrubs and wraps.
      • Phytotherapy: This basic term refers to the therapeutic use of plants, clays and raw earthly materials in mixtures based on the specific healing property of each in such treatments as organic facials, bodyworks, scrubs and wraps.
      • Massages: This can be a Digi-Facial, Crown(with organic bamboo oil), Swedish Relaxation, Bamboo Fusion, Lymphatic Drainage, or Anti-cellulite and specialty slimming massages. This is done with an assortment of prganic single source vegan oils and butters for different effects. In addition, aromatherapy is often combined with many of our massage spa treatments.
      • Hot Stone Therapy: The use of hot stones for massage and acupressure has become a staple on nearly every spa menu throughout the world. Only RMT's or highly trained specialists can perform hot stone treatments in Canada. For insurance claims, only a certified RMT/MT can issue a receipt for a hot-stone massage insurance claim in Canada. Hot stones can be used in many forms and techniques by highly trained specialists towards therapeutic body treatments for pain and tension relief or even deep nutritional facial and body massages as found in some of our signature treatments and packages. The use of warmed stones are used to enhance lymphatic drainage, mental clearing(stress & tension relief), activation of skin loving phyto-nutrients and more. Speak with your iCare Specialist about the benefits of our Hot Stone enhancements and usage.
      • Body Wraps: Most Body Wraps offered include herbal remedies such as clay, mud or even seaweed. A tight wrapped body wrap never exceeds 20 minutes in order to avoid an overload of the internal body core temperature. The idea behind wraps is to cleanse the skin, aid toxin release, body hydration, nutritional skin treatments and even weight reduction.
      • Salt Scrubs and Glows: This is a remedy used for deep exfoliation of dried or dead skin cells. It is primarily done through brushing of salts on the body [often from the Dead Sea or Himalayas for their super high mineral content], or through certain herbal scrub remedies such as with almonds, walnut paste and even aloe Vera. At NVEI we use Himalayan Pink salts is some of our treatments because of their purity and additional therapeutic affects. An example of an Aloetherapy exfoliation treatment would be our signature Nefertiti Body Glow package.
      • Ayurveda: This is a holistic philosophy dating around 5,000 years back within our world histories. Ayurveda is based on the  use of natural remedies and time-tested practices. We use exclusive techniques similar to Ayurveda within many of our services. Ayurveda has become a recognized treatment option for many medical issues, as well as a relaxing spa favorite around the world.
      • Paraffin Treatments: While Paraffin is a soft, liquid wax widely used in the beauty industry, it still remains a petrochemical by-product that has no real value towards the skin, whether plain or juiced-up with so-called essential oils and artificial fragrances. Here at NVEI, we only use Certified Kosher Organic Ecosoy (Soya Wax) because of its heat-conducting, moisture-retaining properties blended with our selection of organic plant butters for a truly deep healing hydration and nutritional anti-aging treatment making it the ultimate wellness addition for any manicure or pedicure. Our Ecosoy "Non-Paraffin" treatment, like that of common paraffin, is most commonly used to hydrate, soften and relax dry skin, or prep hands and feet as found in our signature wellness manicures or pedicures. The result is soft, moisturized skin devoid of cracks or dry patches. FYI; Common Paraffin actually has no proven healthy skincare benefit what so-ever, yet is found in well-over 90% of the spas and nail centers of North America resulting in nothing more than a environmental pollutant. Our version of this "myth" is both beneficial and bio-degradable.
      • Reflexology: Reflexology, or zone therapy, is the physical act of applying pressure to the feet, hands, or ears with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion.

We Invite you to research various spas and the spa treatments offered: This takes a little work, but it is important that you take your safety in mind. There is no perfect method to do this, but speak to people that have gone to the spa of your choice, search out reviews and pre-meet or visit your selection prior to making a commitment. Most day spas, wellness clinics and resort spas carry great spa treatment menu options to satisfy even the most seasoned spa goer. If you need a special treatment not seen on our menu of services, please call or email us.


  • Book your spa treatment(s) early. Many of our clients book standing appointments a week in advance, some even up to two weeks and even yearly in advance.
  • Show up to your appointment early. We suggest at least 15 minutes prior to your service start. This allows you to have any questions answered prior to service, fill in required forms and most of all, unwind and enjoy a wonderful cup of herbal tea on us.
  • Wear appropriate soft loose clothing for your spa treatments if you can. This helps in relaxing after the treatment!
  • Drink plenty of fluids, especially directly after your treatments as they can help hydrate you and flush unwanted toxins from your body.
  • Gratuities are important to our iCare Specialists as not only is it a generous gesture on your part but it also enforces their self-esteem in knowing they have made you happy in giving you the best treatment possible. Most spa treatment specialists count on between a 20-25% tip of the total spa bill or retail value of the services they've performed excluding promotional discounts, coupons or special deals as they do not discount your service or quality of service delivered, the special price has been or is being offered to say both thank you for your patronage and, introduce of course, new clients to that of our service offerings and establishment. These tips are on many occasions used to further enhance their education in order to give you even more attentive care and solutions. Remember, even though you may have gotten a special price, the full value of the treatment is always given 110% of their attention and time. Remember, you may just get the same therapist the next time around.


  • If you had any recent surgeries whereas a special area of your body that should be left alone, please remember this, it is your job to notify us and update your medical history, we are not mind-readers and if not communicated to your specialist you could suffer complications or discomfort. Any broken bones in the past, fractures or other major medical interventions should always be disclosed at the beginning of your spa treatment.
  • Certain herbal body wraps whereas we tightly wrap you in a light plastic or other in order to raise body heat can cause a claustrophobia condition for certain clients. If you are known to experience this in closed up conditions, make sure we are made aware in order to check up on you frequently. In addition, we can wrap you so that you can easily open it up yourself if need be. You are never left alone within a treatment room for longer than 10 minutes at a time and we are never far. Never ever attempt to remove yourself from the treatment table unless your attendant is present or has advised you it is safe to do so.
  • If you have any allergies to certain natural oils, essential oils, extracts or other botanical sources, skin creams or herbal preparations please let us know.
  • Try not to eat a full meal prior to your spa treatment to avoid feeling bloated. For treatments of 2 hours and more, we always provide fine herbal teas and light vegan snacks (organic fruits and vegetables).

Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you soon.

NVEI iCare Client Services